What’s Alex Jones saying about the Miriam Carey incident?

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When I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I experienced a lot of things that I would not have if I had not been who I am. I won’t get into that, since it’s off topic, but I bring it up to explain why I identify with Miriam Carey, the victim (yes, victim!) of the DC shootings. When I was in the Church, I had many good experiences, but I was also regularly discriminated against. I wrote a book about it that detailed my experiences and it’s a book I’m very proud of because in some ways it was very hard to write. This blog is not about my book, but if you want to read a description of it, just look on my homepage. It’s on the right-hand side of the page, beside my various blog articles. Anyway, I just wanted to explain that when a minority like Miriam Carey is discriminated against, and even possibly killed based partly on the colour of her skin, I identify with this because in a way my soul was killed by certain leaders of the Church that I loved very much.

I believe (although I reserve the right to change my opinion over time as events unfold and we learn more information) sincerely that if she had not been black, the policemen involved would have shot at her tires and not at the car itself. Discrimination is alive and rampant in this case. I read on Facebook a comment that really surprised me, although I shouldn’t have. The person wanted to know why Miriam Carey was driving an expensive car! Can you believe it? These things shouldn’t surprise me any more, but they do.

Before I get into what Alex Jones has specifically said on this subject, I thought I’d summarize an article about him and his viewpoint on the matter. The article at ibtimes.com, which criticizes Jones, actually says that the reason why the police shot the victim (as reported by ABC News) is that she was delusional because she thought that the President was electronically monitoring her. Ask Edward Snowden. Seems possible to me!

Anyway, Jones is calling this a false flag and noted that there was a drill happening in D.C the same day this happened.

I’ll be covering this story in more depth since there is so much to say. Stay tuned, please, especially if you’re like me, genuinely confused and distrustful, and just trying to sort all of this stuff out.

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