Alex Jones, Miriam Carey, false flag?

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Alex Jones always has an interesting perspective on the tragedies that happen far too often lately. He is always very clear, incisive and to the point. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I absolutely respect him and think he has a lot of valuable things to say. He has a lot of common sense, which is becoming an endangered species.


Let’s get right into what Jones is saying about the Miriam Carey tragedy. On his radio show, he made the following points: People said Carey had two guns. But this turned out not to be true. She was scared by a drill that was going on and rammed into a barrier by mistake. The police were given a standing ovation because they killed Carey as though she was a dangerous terrorist when it seems like she was nothing more than a woman frightened by the drill that surrounded her. Jones say this drill was basically martial law preparation.


Other than Mark Dice, Jones also interviewed Harvard-trained psychiatrist (but don’t hold that against him!) Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Pieczenik defends the Secret Service by saying that occurrences like this happen all the time and that the SS usually behaves with great professionalism. Often people will look very professional and drive up to one of these checkpoints but in spite of their normal appearance, these mentally ill people who want to see the President, but upon closer investigation, guns will be discovered in the back of their car. Pieczenik has no problem believing in false flag incidents, but he does not think the Miriam Carey incident qualifies. I like giving all perspectives on a story.


Jones repeats his point that it seems crazy that all of these law enforcement officials were so terrified by a woman driving around, hitting some barriers, etc. Pieczenik offers the opinion that Barack Obama has created a climate of fear, and that he is comparable to junior senator Eugene McCarthy, who also created a climate of fear by accusing tons of people of being Communists when they were not actually. Eisenhower, who was President at the time, did nothing to forestall McCarthy. No one has stood up to Obama and asked him if he has no shame in his attempt to get complete gun control (one of the classic situations in the Communist witch hunt is when McCarthy was asked, “At long last, sir, have you no shame?” The current-day witch hunt is after terrorists or so-called terrorists.



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