Was Justice Scalia murdered? I say no to this conspiracy theory, and here’s why.

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There’s a conspiracy theory going around that Justice Scalia was murdered by Hillary Clinton or President Obama. I find this ridiculous. As I’ve said before, there’s one thing for people to notice things not adding up in a given situation, asking questions, and eventually deciding that a conspiracy has happened.


And the government has certainly admitted in the past that they have engaged in behaviour that conspiracy theorists have said they did, before the truth was published. So it’s always possible that a conspiracy theory will turn out to be true, even if it is many years afterward.


However, with regard to Justice Scalia’s death, it does not seem likely. He was 79 years old, overweight (with all due respect), with a history of health problems, including those engendered by smoking. So it makes sense that he died of natural causes, or perhaps a heart attack. With Justice Scalia gone, the United States has lost a great mind fighting on behalf of the people. Scalia was an originalist, which means that he interprets the Constitution based on what it says in its primary text, according to what the Founding Fathers meant by different words in use at that time. Justice Scalia believed that the Constitution is not a living, breathing document which can be changed over time, due to modern whims. He loved the Constitution. Americans need more people like him, so his death is an enormous loss, not only because it means to an end to the superb execution of his duties, but because of the political consequences.


There are now 4 justices on the Supreme Court who traditionally fall in line with the liberal way of thinking, with an equal number adopting a more conservative tone. That means an even split, so if the justices now disagree on an issue before a replacement for Justice Scalia has gone through, the decision made by the lower court that recommended a given case to the Supreme Court in the first place, stands.


The political consequences in such areas as Second Amendment (gun) rights are, therefore, enormous. Two conspiracy theories I have seen on Facebook seem equally ridiculous to me.


One has to do with President Obama. He is in his final year in office, and concerned with his legacy. That much I concur with. However, conspiracy theorists, amateur and professional alike, have posited that Obama had murdered Justice Scalia at the behest of the Illuminati. This was in order to obtain a vacant spot on the Court, which Obama could fill according to the Illuminati agenda. This theory overlooks the reality that it’s extremely unlikely that Obama will ever receive Senate approval for any pick he might offer.


To show you how I am not a discounter of all conspiracy theories, the reason that Obama will not receive Senate approval is the divided and partisan nature of today’s contemporary American government. I can certainly subscribe to the conspiracy theory that there is a global elite that controls world events in order to entrench its own financial and secular desires. I can accept completely the notion that President Obama is part of a bigger circle as a puppet of their choosing. I can believe that he has been instructed to enact policies and base his behaviour on the premise that it is good to divide and conquer the American people. Even if Obama is behaving according to his sincere desires as his own man, I can still believe in the global elite’s presence. I mean, it’s a fact that the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer. Liberals and conservatives, gays and straights, blacks and whites, are all fighting each other. Because that distracts from people wondering where the everyday man’s economic life never seems to really improve, and why the American Dream is in shatters, due to the disintegration of American culture.


That being said, the existence of real evil in the world should make us wary of rushing to judgement every time a death occurs. Justice Scalia’s death is undoubtedly a tragedy, but was it murder? Did Hillary Clinton kill him or arrange to have him killed? It seems incredibly unlikely.


I have heard that Justice Scalia was found with a pillow over his head. Now let’s suppose that an operative murdered the justice. Why would they leave the pillow in an obvious place? Why not put it back after you are done smothering the victim? Why draw attention to it? And I have seen posts where Clinton answered a questioner at one of Clinton’s events by saying that maybe she would nominate Obama to the Court after his Presidency. Now, if Clinton knew that a murder of the justice was imminent, why on earth would she make a point of mentioning this? It gives her a motive. There are many negative things that can be said about Clinton. That she is somehow so stupid is not one of them.


I have attempted to show two sides of this story. I think that’s the emotionally intelligent thing to do, rather than always making snap value judgements, just because it fits in with our own particular agenda. Thomas Carlyle, one of America’s first great men, wrote about natural aristocracy, a term which refers to the belief that humankind does not have to be born noble in order to be noble. An emotionally intelligent natural aristocrat is someone who sees both sides of issues, and is calm and rational, where character is more important than prejudice.  

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