Don’t swallow the media ‘medicine’! Don’t focus on the pretty, only to miss the ugly.

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What does the media lie about specifically? Media is supposed to be a bridge between the people and those in power. However, they stand to gain from perpetuating the status quo so they tend to side with those in power, at the expense of the average citizens for whom they are supposed to be the watchdog. It’s important to support the media outlets that are fighting the good cause and trying to bring accurate, necessary information to people.


They act as though Ron Paul does not exist. In another blog I said that Fox News regularly dismisses him, although I have seen recently that I am wrong in that. It is some parts of Fox News, but not all of it. Neil Carvuto regularly has Ron Paul on his program and gives him a platform to express his intelligent and too-seldom-heard views.


They try to distract by focusing on people like the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian represents the conspicuous consumption that in previous generations was displayed by movie star Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, the difference is that Taylor had to have talent to be forgiven for her material and marital excesses. These days, our culture is so dumbed down that all the Kardashians have to do is pose on runways and they are considered celebrities. If we are distracted by something pretty, maybe we won’t focus on what is truly ugly.


They advance women’s rights at the expense of the rights of humankind. One issue is abortion. But if a woman aborts a fetus who would have grown up to be a girl, aren’t they violating the future woman’s rights? The current focus on women’s rights illustrate very effectively how society often attempts to solve a problem by overcompensating in the other direction. For many centuries, women did not have nearly the amount of rights that we deserved. Now, however, we have too many. Just because a woman thinks something is right does not necessarily means we should be humoured. If it hurts someone else, someone innocent, then we need to be careful. For example, does it hurt an unborn child? Does it hurt a child who’s already been born? Women say we want to be in the workforce so that we can reach our full potential. But any skill we use in the workforce can be used at home. If a woman is good at being a leader, she can have group meetings at the house on some issue that she finds important.


Finally, I would like to say that men need women. Our roles in society have been distorted by the media to such an extent that we no longer use common sense. Women are better at raising children. Men are good at some things; women are good at others. Most of society’s problems can be traced back to when women entered the workforce in large droves. A child needs to know his or her mother is home when they return from school or wherever they are. It provides a sense of stability and security. Women are better at emphasizing than men, better at thinking logically, and better at interpersonal relationships in general. So it makes sense that women be the ones who raise the children. And if it means we don’t get the career we want, then tough. If we bring children into the world, we do so on the understanding that they have just become more important than we are.


If you come across a media site that helps society, rather than hinders it, tell all of your friends about it! If it challenges the status quo, embrace it. Hopefully my site makes people think about issues in new ways. If one of my blog articles has done that, please share it with others. 

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