Top ten ways for a guy to get a girlfriend (including non-Canadian guys)

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Some of these tips are meant for international students, but many of them apply to Canadian guys as well. I was going to write a blog on tips for women to get men, but since I’m single, I don’t think I’m a good one to ask!


One: If she does something you like, tell her so that she knows to do it again. We all like to be appreciated, regardless of gender.

Two: Do not put up with a woman who is rude to you. Women who are nice will think less of you if you are seen as weak.

Three: Hold doors open. Stand up when she enters a room. Good manners are an easy and free way to impress a woman.

Four: If you are able to go on a date with her, instead of talking about yourself in an attempt to tell her how great you are, ask her questions about herself. The type of questions you ask will tell her all she needs to know about you. Further down, I have a suggestion for a question.

Five: Learn how to communicate. Everyone says this, but here are some specific tips: When she texts you, always answer back within the day. Don’t ignore her just because you don’t know what to say. If your first language is not English, then improve your English as much as possible.

Six: It is better if after you graduate, you have plans to stay here in Canada because otherwise you and the girl will be heartbroken when you have to leave each other.

Seven: Volunteer at a place that you would consider a dream job. If you are interested in how television shows are made, then volunteer at CBC, for example, a local television station. There you will find girls with interests similar to yours, and it will also look great on your resume!

Eight: Try to get male Canadian friends because through developing a friendship with them, you might get to meet your dream girl.

Nine: Learn as much about Canadian culture as you can. Find out what the different holidays mean and why we celebrate them. The more you know about Canada, the more you will have to talk about.

Ten: Find out what her learning style is. Some people learn better when they hear things. Some learn better when they see things. How does this apply to dating? Easy. If the girl you like learns better when she sees things, that means she would rather receive a typed message, like on Facebook, from you. If the girl you like learns better when she hears things, that means she responds to auditory stimuli better, and it would be more effective if you called her on the telephone. Simple things like this can make all the difference. Remember I said when you are on a date or just with her in general, ask her questions. This could be one of the questions you ask her. How does she learn best?


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