U.S. Supreme Court rules on universal health care

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The United States Supreme Court today ruled that universal health care is constitutional. President Barack Obama has achieved a victory with this ruling. It was a 5/4 ruling, meaning that 5 judges ruled in favour, and 4 ruled against it. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, so today’s ruling is extremely important.


Here is why I think universal health care is a bad idea. We have it here in Canada. It is nice to know that if something medically serious happens, our life savings are not compromised or erased entirely. On the other hand, I think there are several disadvantages to universal health care. One is the issue of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants would be covered under Pres. Obama’s scheme. I do not think these people have a right to health care that they do not pay for. They work often under the table, they often do not pay taxes, and so they do not deserve free health care. The children of illegal immigrants deserve it because they have no control over the actions of their parents.


The second thing I think is wrong about universal health care is that it treats everyone equally. We are not all equal. As I have said in other blogs, if everyone on earth was given a million dollars, not everyone would still be a millionaire in six months. People have different circumstances. Universal health care implies that health care is a right but I do not think it is. I think it’s a privilege. But because it is not a right, it should be made easier.


One thing that I do think needs to be change is that currently, health insurance in the States is tied to jobs. This discourages entrepreneurship, from people pursuing their dreams because they cannot afford to live without health insurance due to the high cost of receiving American medical treatment. There are a lot of people with big ideas that could offer a lot of value to society but they face the obstacle of health care and the possibility that something catastrophic will happen to them. It’s a mess.


It might seem heartless to some that I think health care should not be universal. But in Canada, people have died because they have had to wait so long for surgery. And waiting lines are ridiculous. Because health care in Canada is free, people visit their physicians for any and all ailments, including the common cold, when there is no real need. And higher taxes are what pays for universal health care. I don’t think that seems any more fair than giving everyone the right to health care.


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