The history of Halloween: Satanism, pagan rituals, and devil worship

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Celebrating Halloween is one of the best ways to worship Satan. Halloween is second only to May 1 in the list of important Satanic holidays. Many people say “Happy Halloween,” without realizing the import of what they are saying because they do not understand the history of holiday. Additionally, it’s not even really a holiday because the etymological root of the word holiday is holy day. There’s not a lot of holiness about the Satanic worship associated with Halloween. It’s not about handing out candy to strangers; it’s about worshipping the devil.


Masks are a way of summoning demons and inviting evil spirits into your life. If we wear a mask, we are taking on ourselves the qualities of the demon represented by the mask.


Halloween is based on the old religion of the Druids. One of the main beliefs of the Druid religion was human sacrifice, a theme expressed frequently in Satanic rituals. The Druids remained until the Roman empire stopped the evil practices. In the 18th century, in Bavaria, the Illuminati revived the ancient Druid practices, and reinstituted masks, etc in a variety of rituals. People often say how wonderful the French Revolution was, but they forget about the second revolution that occurred in France, the revolution known simply as The Terror because of the acts of terrorists like Robespierre. He presided over the Festival of the Supreme Being, and you can guess that the Supreme Being he was celebrating was not God.


Since 1966, Halloween has become a lot more popular in Western culture. Of course, that period of time was responsible for a lot of counter-revolutionary propaganda, and a time when rebellion against traditional societal norms was commonplace, expected, and celebrated.


So the next time you wish someone Happy Halloween, reflect on whether or not you value the occult, worship the devil, believe in God, etc.



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