What’s Ann Coulter saying about racism in her new book Mugged?

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She is actually saying a lot of really interesting stuff! Here is an overview but I’m going to be discussing her latest book a lot more because it is on an important subject: racism. And she is one of my very favourite authors.


One of the important points she begins with; in fact, you could say it is the thesis of her book, is that while individual incidences of racism still exist, systemic racism has disappeared. In other words, there are still racists around, but government policy is no longer racist. There are no Jim Crow laws; there are no segregation laws, and slavery is no more.


She states that before the OJ Simpson verdict, there was a significant amount of white guilt concerning how black people had been treated over the history of the United States. After that, white guilt, she says, vanished, because of how many black people cheered the not guilty verdict that the jury rendered. She believes that white people took this lesson to heart, and their viewpoint on experiencing white guilt changed accordingly. I hope she goes into more detail on this later.


She makes another interesting point. She says that the Ku Klux Klan is an outgrowth of the Democratic Party. She goes into a lot of detail about how for years, the Democrats were on the wrong side of the civil rights issue, despite popular myth that the Republicans are the racists. I did now before that the Whig party, the precursor to the Republican Party, was on the right side of the civil rights issue, but I did not know the depth of the Democrats’ treachery until I read the first part of this book. Ann Coulter always has surprising things to say and sometimes she goes too far, but she does a lot of research, and she backs up her points in depth.


In a future blog article, I am going to systematically investigate every claim she makes to test its accuracy. I didn’t have space for that in this article (and also, I am not finished with her book; I have just begun it), but I am looking forward to challenging the veracity of the claims made in the book. It is such an important topic. 

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  1. alex

    Systemic racism still exists in the so-called criminal ‘justice’ system. Too many police are racist and the regan era war on drug policies that have made the US the punitive state in the world with the highest number of people jail and the highest percentage. Of these over 2 million prisoners most are black and latino thanks to racist law enforcement and drug policies that have resulted in more black males in jail for SMALL amounts of drug possession than for murder, rape and armed robbery COMBINED!!!

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