Kim Kardashian: is 14 too young to be having sex?

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Kim Kardashian recently admitted on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Oprah’s show on her new network, OWN, that she started having sex when she was 14 years old. People on talk shows like The Talk and The View are saying that the good thing about this is that she felt comfortable enough to ask her mother about birth control, and to tell her mother that she wanted to start exploring her sexuality. Overall, the tone of the shows seemed disapproving but they did like the aspect of openness between mother and daughter. However, several things occur to me as I think about this story. One thing is that I have a controversial opinion about birth control. I don’t like it! I realize that many women use it to control troublesome periods, but that’s a different issue. I think that using birth control so that you can have sex without becoming pregnant is merely trying to figure out a way to circumvent God’s plan for us. The plan is for us is to have sex and get pregnant, not to have sex and avoid becoming pregnant. It seems like birth control is a way for us to say that we are as powerful as God, that we can interrupt the forces that He has created that are so strong. I imagine that if a birth control pill is powerful enough to stop someone from getting pregnant, it is powerful enough to also do a good deal of damage to a woman’s body.


The second thing the Kardashian story makes me think of is that a 14 year old should not even be dating in the first place. Childhood and adolescence are two periods of lives where we are supposed to learn about a lot of different things, but sexuality is not one of them, other than the health aspects of it. It is true that in earlier centuries, people even got married at the age of 12, etc. But civilization and culture were very different in those days and marriage took place in a different context than it does now. I think that marriage is a great step for an 18 year old of either gender, because it helps give people an early start on having a lot of children and raising a large family, to which I feel there are many advantages.


A third thing that this Kim Kardashian story makes me think of is that many people say that it depends on the 14 year old, if they are ready for sex or not. On one talk show, a comedian said that LeBron James already had a sneaker contract when he was 14. I’m not sure if he was exaggerating or not since he was a comedian but even if that were true, it would not mean that James was ready for sex at that age. There are certain universal rules that apply to all of humankind, regardless of race, religion, or creed. One of these rules or principles is that we are not supposed to have sexual intercourse outside of marriage. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mature 14 year old, straight, gay, male, female, an immature 18 year old, or any other kind of person. God has a plan and when we try to work around that plan with our own small agendas or schemes, we are bound to get into trouble. 

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