How can men impress women?

· Philosophy

A lot of times, guys who are nicer than average unfortunately feel as though they are nicer than they actually are. They are misled by the fact that they are not total dogs. But what makes a nice guy, according to girls? I think there is general agreement on this issue. One of the things that make guys nice is that they say what they mean and mean what they say. A lot of guys will say what they think a girl wants to hear, but this is not being nice. What counts as nice is when a girl can count on a guy to say what he feels. If it is negative, and she is a mature girl, then she should not mind. If a man can’t communicate honestly with the woman he is interested in (or even just a friend), then there is not much of a relationship there to begin with.


Another thing that makes men nice, from the female perspective, is when men are not totally thinking of themselves. A guy, whether he likes a girl romantically or as a friend, should be willing to help whenever needed. He should not just help when he needs something from her. The thing is, men are not good at covering up their motives. If they are using someone, it is quite clear to those around them. A woman gets away with this much better, assuming a woman is interested in playing games.


A third thing that makes men nice, according to a lot of women, is when he actually remembers what she has said to him. If she tells him something, and he asks about it later, clearly not remembering what she has said before, it hurts her feelings because it is like he is not taking her feelings seriously.


All of these are ways that men can impress women. But a man should never do things just because he thinks they will impress, and the same for women. We should do things as human beings because we feel or know they are right, because we love the right, and because we want to introduce more beauty into the world. Surely, the world needs more beauty.

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