Barack Obama: How has he violated the First Amendment?

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The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States promises free speech, which means that a person cannot be punished by the Government or a representative of the Government for expressing their opinion. One might suppose that the Fairness Doctrine, because it includes the word ‘fairness’, is a good thing, when such is not really the case. It would be more aptly named ‘Unfairness Doctrine,’ because it is a principle designed by liberals to cut down on conservative speech, especially on talk radio in the United States.


The Federal Communications Commission has stated that when there is a controversial subject for debate, the Fairness Doctrine decrees that both sides of the argument should be allowed to be expressed. This might sound good in theory but in actuality what it means is that people like Barack Obama do not want a conservative to express their opinion on an issue without having to acknowledge the opposite viewpoint. If there is too much conservative wisdom generated in the discourse in America, dangerous things might happen. People might start talking about God again. They might view abortions with distaste. They might think that people who break laws should be sent to jail. And they might start acknowledging crazy ideas like parents being able to discipline their children without being accused of child abuse, and having their children removed to ‘Child Protective Services.’ Barack Obama firmly supports this silencing of conservative voices.


What else has Barack Obama done that goes directly against the First Amendment? He has violated Catholics’ freedom of religion by saying that birth control needs to be covered in the employee health plans in Catholic churches. This is government imposing its beliefs on a religious institution. It is a clear violation of allowing freedom of religion. This is obviously an agenda. People have a right to use birth control if they want, but the government has no right to force employers to include in their health care plans birth control.


These are two ways that Barack Obama has violated the first amendment. Of course, there are many more.