Burkas and tight skirts: Long pants and revealing tops—Contradictions?

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In the New Testament of the King James version of the Bible, I believe it is Paul who admonishes women to keep their heads covered. So that is a similarity between Christianity and Islam. It is interesting to note that many people view Paul as a chauvinist, someone who does not respect women. Some people believe that making women wear a burka also disrespects women but I think as with so many things, it is the motivation that matters. If a man truly believes that a woman should keep her head covered so that men around her are not tempted, and it protects her modesty at the same time, then I don’t see anything wrong with it. However, if the motivation behind the man’s belief is that he wants to control women for his own purposes, then I think that’s wrong.


One thing I have noticed is that some women who wear the burka also wear tight skirts at the same time. This seems to be a contradiction in terms. From what I understand, a woman is supposed to cover her hair so that she doesn’t sexually tempt the men with whom she comes in contact. However, if her hair is covered, and her legs are not and the outline of her figure is apparent, then that seems to defeat the purpose of covering her hair. I suppose you could say the Christian equivalent to that contradiction could be a woman who wears long pants but a very revealing top.


Regardless of the motivation behind wearing a burka, it seems at the end of the day that it is better to be too modest than not modest enough. I don’t think the world will look back in twenty years and say that the reason for the decline in society was women dressing too modestly. It will be just the opposite. We will look back and decry the moment when women started dressing like streetwalkers. Maybe we should keep the burka and ditch the tight skirts, in other words.

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    I do beleive that some women go beyond decent limis when it comes to dress. If wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top is too tempting for a male then maybe that male has to reevaluate himself according to his own morals and values.

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