Guys and girls: What do women mean when we say nothing is wrong?

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Men and women sometimes have very good intentions, but often they do not understand each other because they literally do not know what the other person is saying. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they assume that because the way they handle a situation is the way that someone of the opposite gender handles a situation. And this is certainly not the case, at least in most situations.


Men tend to say what they mean and mean what they say. Women have more advanced minds and are able to do more mentally in a lot of cases. One example is when men ask, “What’s wrong?” And women respond, “Nothing.” A man might know that she is not being strictly honest, but does not know how to get her to communicate exactly what she is feeling. And he can’t understand why she doesn’t just come straight out and say what is bothering her.


But here is the answer. Sometimes (but not always) a woman feels that the man she is talking to should know the answer without her having to tell him. And she feels if she tells him that will encourage him not to think for himself. For example, if you have talked about something she didn’t want to talk about in front of her friends, and you have already discussed this, you should know already the mistake you made. If you can tell she is mad, but she won’t tell you, it is because you should already know based on the fact that you have already discussed the issue before. In these situations, it is best if men, rather than keep asking the woman what is wrong, to think about what they could have done wrong.


Keep asking her, giving specific examples. She will appreciate the effort. That’s half the battle. If the girl you are talking to feels as though you are trying to sincerely understand why she is angry, that will go a long way to softening her heart toward you. And after all, women understand that if men and women were exactly the same, it would be an awfully boring world! 

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  1. God

    “women have more advanced minds”


    Women are psychotic children. They operate with an immediacy of a retarded low functioning ADHD sufferer.

    If a woman wants to play this idiotic game, a total inability to actually communicate THEN do yourself a favor. Buy a mastrubation device & a dog. You will have a longer & more pleasant life than wasting time second guessing a psychotic.

    Stop talking to women until they have something to say (& ignore that garbage as well).

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