How is Khloe Kardashian doing co-hosting the X Factor?

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Last night something interesting happened on the X Factor. It’s a reality show competition like America Idol. One of the singers will be given a 5 million dollar contract to make a CD when they win. So the stakes are very high. The judges for the show are Simon Cowell (originally on American Idol), Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and L.A. Reid. The co-hosts are Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian.


Khloe seems like the most real and down-to-earth of the Kardashian siblings. So I was excited when I heard she was going to be co-hosting. I’ve been really rooting for her. She was awkward at first, but she has been improving over the last few weeks.


But then last night happened. There was one point when Mario and Khloe were about to announce results, and Khloe said “Yes!”…and then nothing. The person in charge of the cue cards obviously didn’t do his or her job properly. Maybe they were out to sabotage her? It’s hard to know. It could just have been incompetence on the part of the cue card person. But in any case, after she said “Yes!”, she was obviously supposed to say something else. But she fumbled her words. I guess she wasn’t prepared for a mistake like that. She’s been doing a good job, but she’s not experienced enough yet to handle a flub like that. Tom Bergeron on Dancing with the Stars probably would have been able to.


After this happened, Mario gave her a look that to me expressed dissatisfaction with her performance. But I don’t think that’s quite fair because she was thrown a curve ball that a lot of inexperienced hosts would not have been able to recover from (although I do have to say, I don’t know why they got rid of the original host from last year, Steve Jones, because I thought he was fine…and I mean that literally!). I’m still rooting for Khloe, because I like her style a lot. But I don’t think Mario shares my appreciation for her. There seems to be a disconnect at the best of times between these two. At one point, they were both actually talking at the same time! Sometimes it seems as though they are hosting two different shows.


I think that this show is a bit of a trainwreck because of the song choices, the judges, etc. But I hope they give Khloe a chance because I think she can do an awesome job once she gains more experience. Already her rapport with Simon is great. I think he appreciates her contribution just fine. 

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