Which is better, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout, or Google+?

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Social media is the rage of the day. But which one is best? It depends on what you’re looking for. I like sharing ideas with people and engaging as many as possible. So for me, the clear choice is Facebook. It exactly suits my needs. If we could set it up so that Facebook accepted credit card payments, I’d be transported with joy (I’m easily pleased).


I signed up for Google+ recently and was not impressed. For one thing, it’s hard to figure out how to set up the profile. And the profile is the basic item on any of these social media platforms. So that doesn’t work for me.


LinkedIn is useful because people can endorse you. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a couple of endorsements that I didn’t even ask for. So that was a nice surprise. But I don’t see tons of engagement on this platform. People tend to say that they haven’t checked it lately and one even told me they don’t even remember the email they used to sign up.


Klout is a mess. What this platform does is rate you in terms of engagement that you have with the people on your lists on the various platforms for social media that you are on. It sounds great in theory, but I started off with a low score, went up to 55 over the next few days, and then lately my score has gone down! Very strange and weird. I don’t know what to make of that. It seems like people are more engaged with me than before, but maybe it’s just my imagination?


Twitter is pretty good, but the 140 character thing is obviously very limiting. And on Twitter, I don’t experience much engagement. People will retweet me but they don’t actually add me. The people who do add me seem to have nothing at all to do with my brand, which I think of as being about culture and building tolerance between various cultures, including religions. I also try to help international students with tips for doing better in school. But on Twitter, students don’t tend to add me, and people interested in my blog don’t seem to add me, either.


Facebook is definitely the best for me. It’s easy for people to click like, you can share pictures, which you can’t do on Twitter, you can write more than 140 characters at a time, and people overall just seem to be a lot more engaged. Maybe because it’s mostly friends and people you know on Facebook? You can also easily set up groups on Facebook, which is very convenient. A lot more people seem to use Facebook than the other social media platforms. What do you think? Which social media platform is the best for you and why?

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