Middle Eastern guys and Canadian girls (Part 4): Some dating strategies for how to get someone to fall in love with you

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If you want to date someone, are there tricks you can use to help them along the path of being attracted to you? If you are familiar with psychology, then you might be able to manipulate people into wanting to spend more time with you. Is this ethical? I think it is fine, but you can decide for yourself after you read what I am about to share with you.


Are you familiar with the show The Bachelor? Concerning that show, viewers noticed something very interesting. On this show, one bachelor dates 25 women to see which one is best suited to him. Some viewers saw that the woman who eventually won, on more than one occasion, was someone who had gone on an exciting adventure with the main guy (the bachelor). For example, they went bungee jumping. I never thought any more about this until I was reading in a psychology textbook about how heightened attraction can occur after two people have shared something exciting together. It creates a type of bond of elevated feeling.


If you apply to this real-life dating, one possible thing a guy could do is to invite a girl to a horror movie. This will create a certain amount of fear (not the serious kind) that mirrors what people experience when they go bungee jumping, at least on a smaller scale (since it is not as serious as the fact that you are risking your life to a certain degree when you go bungee jumping). This of course applies to all cultures, not just Middle Eastern guys and Canadian girls. But sometimes it is harder for international students to ask women out on dates, so this is just an idea.


There are other concepts in psychology that a person could use to increase the chances of someone being attracted to them. The example I used here does not seem unethical to me. Just being aware that something goes to your favour, and helps you get what you want, is not being unethical. In my next blog on this topic (I’m not sure when it will be, but soon), I’m going to discuss something called conditioning and how we can condition people to do what we want by using something we call reinforcement. 

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