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Issue 2: May 29, 2016

There’s a choice each of us needs to make

To have control over our emotions or not to …

I’d have already reached my full potential if I knew how

I’d see both sides of the issues

Appreciate ALL of the world’s cultures

I’d expose traditional media

I’d find out what’s up with the Illuminati

I’d be like the men who created America, and work hard to be good

Rather than being born to greatness

I’d overcome my wildest desires, celebrate my conscience, and develop my ability to balance both

I’d fight for liberty

If I had unlimited potential, I’d? …

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I apologize for last week’s error, where I referred to an example of Muslims and Christians working together, but I didn’t provide the link, and now it’s gone.

Justin Trudeau and Emotional intelligence

Part of being a good leader is being emotionally intelligent. That’s why there’s such a perfect match between the theory of emotional intelligence and politics. Imagine how much more faith we would have in politicians if they admitted when they did wrong, if they distanced themselves from corruption, and constantly did what most people view as the right, moral thing in any situation. Of course, such a politician would probably be killed by those who profit from politicians doing bad things. But there is always hope.

I do have an example of a politician doing the right thing in one situation. Justin Trudeau apologized for his recent actions on the floor of Parliament. Here’s what happened which prompted the apology: Justin Trudeau, Canada’s newly-elected Prime Minister, accidentally elbowed a member of the Opposition because he strode onto the Parliament floor trying to break up a crowd who was trying to prevent a vote from occurring on the issue of doctors being lawfully permitted to assist patients in terminal pain with committing suicide. There is a certain protocol, or set of rules, in Parliament when a vote is going to be taken, and Trudeau was understandably upset that people were literally getting in the way of this procedure.

Make no mistake. Trudeau was wrong to become physically involved in the situation by touching one of the ‘protestors.’ Emotions are a good servant, but a bad master. He needs to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, so that people don’t think it’s a pattern of behaviour, rather than an isolated incident of bad judgment. For now, it doesn’t seem to have hurt him politically, since there is video showing that the elbowing was clearly accidental. But it would not have happened if he hadn’t been where he wasn’t supposed to be in the first place. Trudeau has a lot of visionary ideas for Canada, and I hope that he masters his emotions to the degree necessary to accomplish his impressive objectives. That’s what EI is all about, mastering your emotions and being in tune with them.

Donald Trump

Many people feel like Trump is a racist based on his words about Muslims and Mexicans, etc. Whether or not he is sincere, or just exploiting the anger that many Americans feel about immigration, jobs, etc doesn’t really matter. Sometimes I think that Trump never really wanted to be President. He is just doing it all for attention and to build his brand, but now that he has done so well, he has to stay in the election in order not to shame himself. Regardless, his words have hurt and offended many. Imagine trying to not allow any Muslims in the country, even temporarily. This is where Justin Trudeau is very strong. He recognizes the value of diversity, and welcomes people like the Syrian refugees. I think we should welcome as many as possible with open arms. Then if they do something wrong, they can be deported immediately. And they need to follow Western rule of law, not sharia law (the strict law of Islam, which is similar to the Old Testament in the Christian bible, where it is taught that we should give an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth). In other words, the punishment should fit the crime. Trump is a great danger to America, in my opinion. However, I’m not sure he would really do half the things he says he would.

Not all Mexicans are like Trump would have you believe. My best friend is Mexican, and he is a wonderful person. There shouldn’t be a wall between Mexico and the United States. There shouldn’t be a wall between any two countries. We should have what the Founding Fathers called freedom of movement, meaning we can legally go anywhere we want. They were referring to the States, but I think it should apply all over the world.

New World Order


Three seemingly very simple words. But they hide a very evil intent on the part of the global elite, a group of stunningly rich people who control the world’s events, or at least as much as they can get away with. The people who propose or suggest a new world order (one-world government with no borders) create a problem. An example could be the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, where a black man was shot by a police officer, fatally.

The reaction was understandable. Some people pointed out that hours before the tragedy, the victim, Michael Brown, had recently been throwing his weight around a convenience store in his town. There is video footage showing him trying to intimidate the store owner. This made him look bad in the eyes of many.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that young black men in the United States suffer from constant discrimination. Although President Obama has a very different vision of America than I do (I don’t think he views the Founding Fathers with the same awe and admiration that I do), I have to say that as an African-American President, he has probably done a lot of good for the black community. After what happened in Ferguson, Pres. Obama sent his then-Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson (Missouri) to give a speech in front of the residents of that area, people who lived there. It must have been wonderful for the youth who listened to him to know that here was someone in a position of great power (Attorney General, the top legal position in America) who also told a story where he knew what it was like to be pulled over in his car by a policeman, simply because of the colour of his skin. If even one young black man decided to live a law-abiding life, and not to be angry with the police, then Holder’s speech was very effective and important. And Pres. Obama did a great thing by sending him there for that purpose.

Remember: The police are sometimes wrong. Criminals are always wrong.

The solution that the global elite, or their agenda if you want to put it that way, is to take people’s guns because that is the first major step in being able to control the country’s citizens. The common-sense solution is that if the police stop you, do what they say. If they are in the wrong, then let it be taken care of in the next life, where they will be called to account for their actions before God. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution says that men have the right to bear arms. But there is a debate over whether that applies to individuals, or to a militia or group of fighters.

My main point in this column is that all of this is a distraction, even though good things can happen within that distraction. For example, the global elite want to divide the world and cause them to fight against each other. Why? Because they benefit to the tune of billions of dollars by funding both sides of the wars that result from such fighting. If you have two people fighting, and you supply both of them with weapons, it doesn’t matter to you who wins or loses. Regardless, you will benefit in a financial way. Let’s stop them from distracting us, and focus on love. There are good black people, bad blacks, good whites, bad whites, and you can say this about every race and colour on earth. Let’s focus on our similarities and not on our differences.

Founding Fathers of America

The group of men who fought Britain in order to create a country based on the idea of liberty did not believe that the federal government should have too much power. They thought that would mean tyranny, or one group of people taking advantage of another group. They believed in decentralization. This means that they thought the individual states should have power as a check or balance against the power of the central government in Washington, D.C. (which stands for District of Columbia).

Hypocrisy: Of course, a person can point to a certain amount of hypocrisy on the part of the Founding Fathers. When they said every man should be free and have liberty, there was no mention of women or minorities. But as I always say, let’s look at the positive. They were men living in a certain time, and it’s unfair, in my opinion, to judge them by modern standards, particularly when they did so much good.

Media bias

Recently, I have read a lot on Twitter about the supposed bias on Facebook regarding conservatives. Mark Zuckerberg, the man who created Facebook, said that he is going to see if there really is bias. If we are biased against someone, that means that we discriminate against them. In the case of Facebook, what this means is the social media platform doesn’t put as much focus on conservative stories, like about God, protecting people’s gun rights, stopping abortion, etc. Zuckerberg studied the issue and found that there is no bias, but of course that’s probably what he’d say, anyway. It’s hard to know for sure. One thing I agree with Mark Zuckerberg about is how good of an idea open borders is. I am not positive he favours them, but I have read that he supposedly or allegedly does. But we have to be careful, too. Open borders are great, but potential immigrants need to do things legally, and they need to obey the Western rule of law.

Persian carpets

Makers of Persian carpets purposely include a mistake in the stitching of the fabric as a reminder that only God can create perfection.

The difference between Christianity and other religions

(Emotional intelligence and the Bible)

The fundamental difference between Christianity and other religions (although I respect all sincerely-held beliefs) is very simple: The Atonement. The Old Testament is very violent. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. This means that if someone does something against you, go at them equally hard. But that’s not emotionally intelligent. It would be a bad world to live in if this was still the law. But in the New Testament of the King James Bible, we see the prime or main example of emotional intelligence, the Atonement. It is the ultimate example of mercy. Natural law says that someone has to pay for sin. But God, because He loves all of His children, came up with a plan, the Atonement, where Jesus died on the cross, and suffered the agony of all of the world’s sin. If we still lived under the rule of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, then it would be hopeless for all of us.

When the Bible says, “A soft answer turneth away wrath,” that is an example of emotional intelligence. It’s hard to master our emotions to the point where, if someone is angry with us, we answer with gentleness, rather than equal anger, or an eye for an eye. “Do good unto them who do spitefully use you.” Someone who obeys this is emotionally intelligent. Pray for your enemy and he or she stops having control over you.

How did we get here in terms of culture?

Over 100 years ago, there were a group of Jewish immigrants who went to America, dreaming of a better life. Although it took them awhile, they figured out where their natural abilities were and they ventured into moviemaking. They created a studio system which consisted of stars, directors, producers and others who all joined together to make incredible films of lasting quality. They were nothing like the movies of today, which are over-produced and meant only to distract us from values and morality.

Back then, movies had values. During this time, movies were silent. That means that you did not hear the actors’ voices. Sounds weird, right? They may not have been as entertaining as talkies (where you can hear the actors, like now), but many of them were extremely artistic, especially if they had a top star. Some of the top stars that you can look up on YouTube if you want are Rudolph Valentino (the original Latin lover), Douglas Fairbanks (who did acrobatic stunts in his films), Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (yes, his son), Ramon Novarro (who gave up the idea of becoming a Priest in order to become an actor), and on the female side, Greta Garbo (the most famous movie actress of all time up until around 1980), Lillian Gish, Norma Shearer, Mary Pickford (who even when she was in her 30s, played girls in their teens!), Gloria Swanson, etc.

In the early 1920s, there was a director named Erich von Stroheim. He was very sexual in his films, and around the same time, there was a real-life scandal with a comedian named Fatty Arbuckle. At a wild party, a young female died and Arbuckle was found guilty, even though it turned out that he was innocent. But the main point of my column is that because of what was happening on and off screen, politicians began to ask questions about how moral the Hollywood movies were and they came up with rules so that the general public was not offended by what was going on. These rules are what made the movies better, even though many of the stars complained. More on this later!


Have you ever heard of Baphomet? It is a statue, half man/half woman. One of the main agendas of the Illuminati is to make sure that there are fewer people on earth. So a lot of their plans have to do with depopulating the world so that there are fewer people. That means more resources for the people who are left. If you think about a lot of the issues that face us today, and which are reported on in the current news, you can realize that the results of these situations, if pursued to their fullest extent, would mean fewer people. If more women have abortion, that is fewer babies who will be born. If wars are fought, then millions of people will die. Gay and lesbian couples cannot, at least now, produce babies on their own. And that brings me to another issue. A current event in the United States is the issue of transgenders and which bathroom they should use.

I can see both sides of this issue, just like I can with homosexuality in general. Some people point to the Bible and say that a man who lies with another man should be killed. But we all know people who, from an early age, know they are gay or something completely different, they know they are not the gender their body might suggest. There is a lot of discrimination in this world against anyone who is different. It seems to me that once we have all become kind to each other, then we can worry about the other stuff. If someone is gay, that does not affect anyone other than their partner. If they are transgender, but no one knows, then they can use whatever washroom they wish to use.

People like this should keep a low profile and assimilate into society, because this will protect them. Of course, the reason the media is focusing on the transgender issue is because they know it divides people. Very few are actually going to be affected by this issue. For years, transgenders have used the washroom that fits in with their gender identity, and no one has cared. It hasn’t been an issue. Let’s love each other, in spite of fighting, the way the global elite and the media want us to. If you’re not a member of the LGBT community, then be grateful that you don’t have to worry about the issues relating to this group. If you are a member of this community, then understand that it’s hard for some people to understand what it’s like to be born this way. After all, everyone just wants to be happy. I think that sin is just trying to be happy in the wrong way. No one is perfect. So let’s all work on being kind, and perhaps everything else will work out. After all, why can’t we wait until the next life and ask God how we should view the LGBT community? If we have faith, then we can go by what He says. Until then, since no one knows for sure, let’s be kind. I don’t think anyone is going to get in trouble in the next life about being too kind to someone.


This is one of the quotes that I came up with myself. Fill in the blanks to get the full quote. The answer will be in next week’s edition.

Answer to previous week’s: Words whisper. Actions scream.

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Plato was an ancient philosopher. To contemplate means to think about something. So I thought it would be nice to combine the words for this section of my newspaper into ‘Contemplato.’ Here’s a question and if you want to answer it, please feel free to respond to jaclynhollandstrauss@hotmail.com:

Do you think that gender roles are outdated, or do you think there is still a lot of value in differentiating between male and female?

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