Mark Dice and Newtown, Connecticut: A critique of Alex Jones’s theory about CIA involvement in this mass shooting.

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Mark Dice has released a video on YouTube where he discusses the mass shooting that recently happened in Newtown, Connecticut. He calls out Alex Jones, whom he refers to as a conspiracy con man.


Dice mocks Jones for saying that the police are scrubbing the reports about there being multiple shooters. Dice does not think there were multiple shooters; he feels that police are correcting reports because of all of the false information they are exposed to at first. He says that a caller called into the Alex Jones radio show and said that another school in the area must have known about the tragedy beforehand because a bunch of kids were bowling at a local bowling alley. Dice says this is ridiculous, because they were probably just on a field trip, bowling on a Friday before Christmas.


Dice says that there are CIA programs that exist that hypnotize people but he does not think that this fits this situation. He does not think that the CIA is behind this mentally-disordered guy who may have had Asperger’s syndrome, autism, etc.


In my opinion, Dice makes some very good points about how we live in a culture of conspiracy, but in a different way than many people think. He says that we live in a culture where sexting has become the norm, where teens send nude photos to each other. It’s no wonder that people like the shooter feel alienated. Many of today’s youth grow up without a father, which is devastating in its consequences for society. I’m not saying there’s a connection between the shooter and not having a father in his life, because I have no idea what his personal circumstances were. I’m just saying that it’s way too easy to accuse the government of engaging in conspiracies. The culture we live in is alienating people to a degree that has never been more imagined. We have removed God from schools, and the devil has entered it in God’s place.


Alex Jones accused President Obama of fake crying, suggesting that he was not as upset as he pretended to be. All reasonable people will know that this is bunkum. It’s crazy to think that Obama, for example, was part of a plan to take guns from people. If that were the case, it would have already happened. This is not the first time that a shooting has occurred. If that was part of the government’s plan, then they are not very efficient. They would have done it the first time.




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