What goes on at the Bohemian Grove?

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Strange things happen at Bohemian Grove, and members of both political parties are known to have visited the controversial, Illuminati-sponsored location. Other than choosing interest rates and United States Presidents, what else supposedly goes on there? Pagan rituals are said to be celebrated here, which makes me wonder why people don’t go there on May 1 or October 31, two classic Illuminati-related days.


The world’s elite meets here, and accordingly there is intensive protection for the VIPs who visit. These VIPs are referred to as Bohos. By the way, this protection is paid for by American tax dollars. However, this article states this protection is not as intense as is popularly supposed by people like Alex Jones.


The website I am summarizing dismisses the notion of pagan rituals. The writer has been there at the club, and has seen nothing suspicious. Conspiracy theorists say all the time that presidential candidates and running mates are selected there, but that there is absolutely no evidence that anything untoward happens there, let alone anything evil like human sacrifices or other similar pagan rituals.


The writer makes the point that unless a person has attended one of these supposed secret meetings, that there is no proof of the outlandish conspiracy theories.


One pagan ritual that is said to take place in the Bohemian Grove is worshipping Moloch, a pagan king. Part of this ritual involves human, including child, sacrifice. The writer alludes to the Cremation of Care ceremony where there is someone in a coffin referred to as Dull Care, a reference to a 1920s Laurel and Hardy movie where people throw off their cares, a symbol of how the professional men who attend the Bohemian Grove meetings throw off their cares. The cares are what are sacrificed, not human beings.


The author makes a very fascinating point that there is something evil that has been documented as occurring at the Bohemian Grove. However, the writer makes it clear that the Grove is only inhabited by full-blown members one week of the year, and that at other times of the year it can be rented by anyone who has the money. One such time saw the creation of the Manhattan Project. The first atomic weapons were designed here. Edward Teller spearheaded the project but there were no other members present. Of course, whether or not construction of atomic weapons is evil is open to debate, much like what happens behind the scenes at the Bohemian Grove.


Source: http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4131

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