Miriam Carey, bipolar and antipsychotic drugs. What role do pharmaceutical companies play in the DC shooting tragedy?

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Miriam Carey, according to one article, was on several drugs at the time of her death. They were basically for depression and bipolar disorder. It’s interesting to me how many victims of tragedies in the States are on drugs when they are involved in these shootings. Adam Lanza was, as were others. I think the pharmaceutical companies kill a lot more people than guns. The depression in this case was specifically postpartum, which occurred after Miriam had her baby.


Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati practise mind control. They do it through the food supply, the media, etc. Another way is to do it through drugs sold by the major pharmaceutical companies. It might seem far-fetched to think that Carey’s mind was controlled; there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it. But the result of these shootings is that people, many people, start demanding stricter gun control laws.


There are reports that Carey always drove too fast. The truth could basically be as simple as that, or it could be stranger. Even if Carey really had these physical and emotional issues, I still do not understand at all why she had to die. They could have shot at her tires, especially as there was a baby in the car. If she didn’t have a gun, and it seems that she didn’t, why would they think that she did? In America, aren’t people innocent until proven guilty? Aren’t they given the benefit of the doubt? It doesn’t add up to me, although I know it’s far-fetched to think that it’s all part of some conspiracy.


Is it a coincidence that this happened at the same that there is a government shutdown? To not be a coincidence, it would mean that it was obviously planned, which doesn’t make sense. I’m all for conspiracy theories, but just like I did not believe that the Sandy Hook town was a fake with crisis actors everywhere, I also do not believe that the government forced this young woman to do what she did. It’s a bit too out there for me. To think that the government used drugs to control this woman’s mind is possible, of course, but is that what really happened? It’s hard to know. I will also be discussing the Navy Yard incident soon in my blog, trying to make sense out of everything that’s going on.


If there’s a story that you would like to read about, a suspected false flag, conspiracy theory, etc., just reply to this article and let me know! I’m here to write about what you guys want to read.


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