Amphiist 65: Tommy Robinson’s in jail because of Tommy, not the New World Order

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Amphiist (65)

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Tommy Robinson supporters

Tommy Robinson was arrested yesterday for violating restricted regulations respective to journalists concerning reporting on sex abuse trials. Robinson’s defenders are saying on Twitter that the reason he was arrested is really because the New World Order conspirators are implementing their agenda to stop people from reporting on the fact that grooming gangs are raping girls as young as 11. The media is not reporting on this, or is as little as possible, because they are protecting pedophiles. British law enforcement officials involved with Tommy Robinson are trying to silence him because he is a hero who is trying to protect the victims of these grooming gangs. He fights for white people who are being replaced by migrants who are threatening the safety and security of Britain. (Turn over page for other perspective)


The Other Side

There are undoubtedly some Muslims who are involved with grooming gangs in Britain. However, there are also members of other religions, races, etc who commit this evil. Tommy Robinson focuses on Muslims because he is paid to do so, to divide and conquer Britons. That way, Britons will not wake up to what is really going on around them. The elites (no one has a precise idea who comprises these elites) want to keep the masses down so that, for example, wages stay stagnant, while expenses rise all over the place.

Some point to the US as the nation at the helm of this initiative; however, even though I have said as much in the past in Amphiist, I would like to revisit this idea, because there can be no doubt but that there are many wonderful things about America. The US has its glorious constitution, after all, and though they have departed from it, it is still a bedrock. Still, the leaders of possibly every nation on earth do have things to answer for, especially when they deal in violence. Amphiist is against all violence.

The New World Order did not force Tommy to accept pay to preach hate. They did not (if they even exist) force him to badmouth Muslims on a constant basis. Ridiculous.

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