The racism and general ridiculousness of MSNBC

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MSBNC is a propaganda machine disguised as a news channel. Of course, you could say that probably about other channels as well. But MSNBC is particlarly awful in its obsession with race and simultaneous racism.


They are past masters at seeing racial prejudice where none exists, but at the same time engaging in racist thoughts and words themselves. There are several examples to back up this claim. For instance, one of the most recent illustrations of this troubling reality is the MSNBC coverage of the Republican 2012 Convention. The news station refused to air coverage of minority speeches and it seems a reasonable assumption that the reason for this is they wanted to get rid of any inference that Republicans actually is a diverse party racially, with supporters from a variety of ethnic groups. Media is supposed to be a watchdog, not a parrot. Journalists, when covering something of major importance like a political convention, regardless of which party is hosting it, should remain neutral. Commentators, people who give their opinion on the political issues of the day, are permitted to give their view on matters they are discussing. But journalists are supposed to let the viewer decide, and be fair and balanced in their approach.


Mia Love, Ted Cruz, and Artur Davis were all minority speakers at the Republican convention but MSNBC did not air their speeches. So for anyone who is inspired by these people, you were out of luck if you were watching MSNBC. This is ridiculous.


We’ve lost our common sense. People like MSNBC ‘journalists’ make the most ridiculous connections and cry ‘racism’ where none exists to people with functioning, sane minds. Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball, is always doing this, crying racism. He is a troubled man. He likens Republican concern over food stamps, and the creation of a dependent populace, to the usage of a dog whistle in order to excite the racist passions of the white population of America.


Unless a minority has the stature of a Condoleezza Rice, MSNBC is not going to let people know that minorities speak at Republican conventions. That is not part of the script. The script is that Republicans are racist. There is something in Psychology called a life script. It means that as human beings, we tell a story about ourselves, to ourselves, and to other people. Anything that does not fit into that life script, we reject because we are not comfortable with what it says about us. It is a type of cognitive dissonance. So if we do something unkind, we try to forget it if our life script tells us that we are kind. Or perhaps even more commonly, if we feel a lack of self-esteem, and someone tells us that we are wonderful, then we forget that because it does not fit with the concept of who we are.


It is the same with MSNBC and supposed Republican racism. MSNBC has a theory that Republicans are racist. So anything that does not fit in with that script is rejected in favour of a more negative slant. Since Republicans are racist, according to this viewpoint, it does not make sense that minorities are speaking at their convention. Therefore, the minorities at that convention must be erased from the screen, like rational thought is when Rachel Maddow starts her show.



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