Which groups are treated badly in the media? Men, Muslims, and conservatives.

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I think this is very true and I began to try to apply it to several groups that are often mistreated in today’s press.




Men: Men often get a bad reputation in our media but consider some of the things they put up with: Women who don’t let men say what they think without getting upset, but complaining that men don’t say what they think. Women who once they are married do not give their husbands the same amount of sex they did when they were dating. Women who insist that they have the right to abort a child because it is their body, who cares what the men think! Of course, women put up with tons, too, from men, but the media does not malign women the same way that men are criticized on a constant basis.




Republicans or conservatives: The bias in the media is legendary. Conservatives want to rob old people of their money. They want to set back women’s rights. They are racist. They are elitist. They don’t care about poor people. They only care about the rich.




Muslims: The media depicts Muslims as being little more than animals. They are all terrorists. They constantly plant bombs and kill innocent people. They oppress women (whereas actually the biggest oppression of women is letting us do whatever we want!).






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