Did the Illuminati cause the deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston?

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Michael Jackson died in the summer of 2009. Whitney Houston died in 2012. They were both immensely popular pop singers, especially Michael. He was known worldwide. I remember the day that he died, I was tutoring a student from Yemen and he knew exactly who it was when the television announcer told everyone about Michael’s death. He said everyone back in Yemen knew who it was. I have noticed among the students I help that fewer people know Whitney Houston’s name, but they have a general idea who she is.


There is no doubt that both of these performers were real superstars, and incredibly talented. Because of their international popularity, they had a lot of influence over their fans, Michael Jackson especially. This is at the crux of why many believe that the Illuminati killed Jackson. They feel that he became Muslim. I believe one of his brothers is Muslim; it might be Jermaine. So it’s not as out there as some might think. If you remember, Princess Diana was involved with Dodi Fayed before she died and there were concerns that she was going to have a child that could have been Muslim.


I’m not convinced that there is a strong case for the Illuminati being responsible for the death of Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. Especially in the case of Houston, it seems like they stretch to come up with reasons why this would have happened. As far as I know, she had no interest in becoming Muslim. They do tricks with numerology, adding up numbers, and saying that they add up significantly. One piece of evidence for Whitney Houston being involved with the Illuminati is that her middle name was Elizabeth, and the Illuminati is supposed to control Queen Elizabeth II. I think that is a tenuous connection at best!


With Jackson, he led a rather strange life, so I can see it more easily with him. In Jackson’s case, he distanced himself from his family and was at the mercy of people around him who wanted to use him for money. He could easily have been killed over money issues, his catalogue of music, including the Beatles’ music, because we all know how greedy many people are. Money seems to rule the world. And there also was the Muslim connection. Why is that important? Because one of the tenets or beliefs of Islam is that interest should not be charged on loans. And if Jackson had become Muslim, it is possible that he would have convinced many others to also become Muslim. One of the primary ways that the Illuminati maintains its power is through the American Federal Reserve, where it can charge interest up to ten times the original amount of the loan, a practice Muslims refer to as usury. However, Jackson started out as a Jehovah’s Witness and I don’t think there was a mass conversion, and he was enormously popular even as a child. So I’m not convinced that the Illuminati had anything to do with Jackson’s death.


However, I do have another kind of conspiracy theory. Perhaps the Illuminati circulates these rumours that are somewhat ridiculous in order to make the whole Illuminati theory overall seem equally ridiculous. The more people who dismiss conspiracy theories, the more power the conspirators to have. It’s interesting to think about! 

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