Doctors helping patients die through euthanasia: Right or wrong?

· Philosophy

There is a big controversy about helping people who are in a lot of pain die, so that they die with dignity and obtain relief from the pain that they are feeling. What do you think, is this murder? There have been doctors who have been arrested because they have helped more than one person die in this way. It is possible that while some doctors have good intentions, and really want a merciful release for their patients, there are other doctors who will take advantage of the situation and become carried away with this idea. Also, what happens if the patient is so grateful to the doctor for making this arrangement that the patient leaves the doctor money in his or her will? Then there is a conflict of interest, and it gives the doctor an extra incentive to have the patient die. This is where ethics come into it. It is a hard problem to solve, because no one wants to think about someone suffering an untold amount of pain. But there are many issues to sort through on the topic, and there are no easy answers.


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