He Talks To Me, Too (Free)

May 21, 2013 is the 1st anniversary of when I started writing blog articles. To celebrate that, and my almost 40,000 hits, I thought I would offer my book, He Talks To Me, Too, free for the next 3 days, starting on May 20, 2013 and extending through until May 22, 2013. For a description of the book, you can see it on my homepage. It’s just a simple PDF file. Very soon it will be available on Amazon for $4.02 in Canadian dollars. I will update my website when that happens! If you would like a free copy of He Talks To Me, Too, please just email me at jaclynhollandstrauss@hotmail.com and put He Talks To Me, Too (Free) in the subject line, and I will reply with the PDF file.

Happy reading!