Man sues wife because she had ugly baby! Lesson: The mirror should not be our only storyteller.

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Jian Feng filed a lawsuit against his wife once she delivered a baby he considered to be ugly. When the baby was first born, he could not believe his eyes. He accused his wife of having an affair because he did not think it possible that two such good-looking people would have such an unattractive child. Imagine the inferiority complex this poor child is going to have when they grow up and start reading the Internet. Hopefully, they never come across the story.




Anyway, once DNA testing was done and the baby was proven to be his, he realized his wife had not had an affair. He says that he was actually horrified by the physical appearance of his baby daughter. After the DNA results were released, an interesting twist came out. It turns out that the man’s wife had secretly undergone plastic surgery, amounting to $100,000, to create the beautiful appearance that he saw when he married and fell in love with her. Of course, it does not seem like he really fell in love with her. If he had, he would never want to hurt her feelings by calling the child that she helped create ugly because he is basically implying that she was horrifically ugly before she got her surgery. Should she have told him that she had had the surgery before they got married? It would be odd for her to think, “Oh, I might have a baby whose aesthetic appearance does not please my wonderful husband!” Surely she has a right to privacy.




When the man found out, he divorced her and subsequently filed the lawsuit. And guess what? He won! The judge ruled that the lady in question had tricked her future husband into marrying her. He was actually awarded $120,000. One of the saddest things about this story is that the woman blamed herself for the ‘ugliness’ of the child. So she was obviously internalizing the ugly message that her husband had left her with.




Oh and you know what else? No picture of the man himself is available. It’s a shame, because maybe it would be an enjoyable pasttime. We could see how much of a contribution he made to the supposedly horrific-looking child.




But of course, the subject should never even have come up. This is not much of a ‘man.’ The saddest thing is that so much of the world agrees with this man. They might not go to the extreme of suing a spouse because their child is born ‘ugly,’ but uglyism is rampant in today’s society.




People essentially judge others based on their looks. I have seen many times on Facebook where someone whose looks are supposedly not up to par, is made fun of. It seems to be the last acceptable reason to bully someone. Also, a lot of people won’t say it but they base who they are friends with according to looks. If you are less than averagely attractive in today’s society, try getting help moving. Try having people see beyond the superficial. There is so much more to people than their looks. But because that is what we are confronted with as soon as we see a person it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on that one point. While understandable, the challenge is to look beyond that to the deeper truth of the person. A mirror is not the only storyteller.




There are also problems associated with being too good-looking. That can cause as much, or more, havoc, in someone’s life than not being considered good-looking enough. I know someone who has been called extremely handsome all of his life. He asked me once if I knew how many people came up to him on the street and told him how hot he was. But unfortunately although I’m sure fundamentally he is a decent person, his perspective on life has been deformed by the constant praise. Now he feels entitled to people’s good opinion, irrespective of his actions. He lives in a world of delusion, where he ascribes to his character the beauty others routinely assign to his face. That kind of deformity cannot be transformed through plastic surgery.








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