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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People


In Hollywood movies, ominous music accompanies Arabs on screen. The desert is shown as something to fear. This goes back to silent movies in Hollywood, with stars like Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. In Disney’s Aladdin, the film degraded Arabs by saying “they came from a land in a faraway place, where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face. It’s barbaric but hey it’s home.” Ali Baba is referred to in another film as the mad dog of the desert. In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s True Lies, Arabs are depicted as evil but also incompetent. In Cannonball Run, Jamie Farr depicted a buffoon of an Arab. Arabs are depicted as little more than oversexed animals. In Never Say Never Again, Kim Basinger’s character is sold to a leering group of Bedouins. The message is that Arabs mistreat their women and use them only for sex.


Arabic women are also depicted negatively. They are seen as belly dancers, in professions that appeal to the sexual side of men only. Except recently, they have also been depicted as terrorists. They wear burkas, and are shown in the shadows. They represent something sinister, in other words.


This documentary video (and book) show that there are three reasons why this racism against Arabs has persisted, and was begun in the first place. One is that in the period immediately following World War II, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict came into sharper focus and the United States has always largely been on the side of Israel. The second is the oil embargo of the 1970s. The third is the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Americans were taken hostage. (My note: Iranians are not Arabs, but perhaps the video is saying racism against Middle Easterners, as opposed to just Arabs. Also, in the film Network, Arabs are shown to be buying large chunks of land in America, preparatory to taking over the country. This reminds me of what I wrote about in an earlier video summary, the problem/reaction situation. To vilify a people, the elite creates a problem, then gets the public opinion so energized against the instigator of the problem that the public are willing for anything to happen.) Palestinians are often depicted as wanting to kill all Americans, many times for no real reason and without regard for anything. The fact that many Jewish businessmen run and control Hollywood also helps to explain the constant and negative depicions of Palestinians on the silver screen.


Palestinians on Hollywood screens never suffer. They are not victims of an occupation. They are never humanized the way Israelis are on screen. Iron Eagle is an example of a film that was made in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense. Rules of Engagement is possibly the most racist film that falls into this category. Yemen is the scene of this film and there was a massive slaughter of Yemenis. The evidence was clear but the officers responsible for the massacre were not convicted. (This reminds me of the Rodney King incident where there is videotape showing police brutality against King but in spite of the visual proof, the officers are not convicted). A little girl is shown to be a terrorist, shooting many. These tricks are designed to get the audience on the side of the people who fight against the Yemenis, the Arabs. The fight against women and children is justified in the film by making the little girl a terrorist. There is a clear dehumanization of the Yemeni child.


(Just like violence on television witnessed by children helps to make the children think more violent thoughts and possibly act on those thoughts, so do such movies encourage negative views of Arabs. When I posted a blog that asked the question, Should Canadian girls date Middle Eastern guys?, one of the comments I received on Twitter was something like “If they want to be beaten and bombed”. The original blog can be found at Was Timothy McVeigh’s ethnic background brought up when he committed his atrocity? No. )


These films also act as a primer, setting the context, for saying that the September 11 terrorists were not committed by a lunatic fringe, but instead by everyday Arabs. Through this strategy, mainstream Arabs and the fringe become part of merely a monolithic mass. This is why, now at the airport, Arabic students go through such a rough time, even if there is nothing suspicious about them.


If you are offended by how negatively Arabs are depicted in the media, please tell everyone you think might be interested in my website, because my articles attempt to build a bridge of tolerance between the West and the East. We really are not that different. Every ethnic group has a lunatic fringe. Everybody has the same dreams, regardless of their race or culture.


An example of an article that I have written that celebrates other cultures include Women in Saudi Arabia are kind of lucky!, found at


Sunday, September 9, 2012


One cause of the American Revolution was that King George III stopped allowing the colonists to print their own currency. Therefore, they had to borrow the money they needed to run their colonies from the Bank of England, (which had been created in 1694). They also had to pay interest on the money they borrowed. The central bank controls interest rates, and it also controls inflation or money supply (inflation is not a rise in prices; it is increased circulation of a currency). Every dollar that the central bank lends comes with interest. The money used to pay this debt also comes from the central bank, so it increases the money supply. There is thus no way for the government or people to ever catch up. That is why the debt now is over 16 trillion dollars.


JP Morgan, one of the most powerful and wealthiest businessmen in America in the early 20th century, started rumours that the New York bank was close to being insolvent. This made people panic and a lot of them took their money out of the bank (in 1907). The instability that this produced meant that the desire for a central bank became stronger on the part of the people, which of course is what Morgan intended all along. In 1910, Morgan and other bankers wrote the Federal Reserve Act on Jekyll Island. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson became President and he promised, in return for political contributions, to pass into law the Federal Reserve Act. He later regretted this action once he saw the damage it caused. It was only 16 years later when bankers caused the Great Depression, in 1929.


A new kind of loan, the margin loan, had been created in the few years before the Depression hit. A person could buy a stock by paying only 10% of the stock’s value, with the other 90% being lent to the investor by the broker. Therefore, a person could own $1,000 worth of stock, but only pay $100 out of their own pocket. However, the disadvantage to the margin loan is that it could be called in at any time, and the full amount of the loan had to be paid within 24 hours. In 1929, the bankers left the market, but simultaneously called in the margin loans. People could not pay; bankruptcies ensued. Banks collapsed, and there was an increasing monopoly for banks, which of course gave them a lot more power.


Who are the Bilderberg Group? In 1954, they met in Bilderberg, Holland. Their goal was to create the European Union. The group consists of the 150 most powerful people in the world. The media does not report this because the media elite are part of the Bilderberg Group; an example is Katharine Graham, who owned The Washington Post.


There are plans to create a currency common to North America. Under the North American Union, the North American counterpart to the European Union, the new currency will be the Amero. After this union takes place, along with an Asian Union, etc., the several unions will then be combined to form one world union, over which the central banks will exercise complete control. States will cease to exist, as will sovereignty.


Wars are a positive thing in the eyes of international bankers because they profit so much from it since countries fighting have to get deeper in debt with their central banks. The attack on Pearl Harbour was known about beforehand; in fact, they were provoked to do what they did. Roosevelt made very aggressive statements toward Japan and finally it did attack Pearl Harbour. Before the attack, Americans did not want to be involved in the Second World War. After the attack, one million men volunteered to fight the war for America.


One of form of mind control is the problem/reaction situation. Create a problem. Make sure someone else is blamed for it. Then public opinion will demand that something be done. Then they lose their rights. If you want more camera in the streets, more police around, and you want the public to demand it, then get the public frightened of crime. Emphasize crime to be worse than it is. Fear makes people want to be protected from what they’re afraid of. People will demand that you take their freedom away. One specific way the government controls its people is through tracking devices, items that are already in every new electronic passport issued in America. The government will be able to monitor your every move with this RFID technology. GPS devices that you can hide in your teenager’s wristwatch is one step toward this monitoring program. Kidnappings of children that have become famous, like the situation with Elizabeth Smart, have framed public opinion to the extent that it now seems desirable that people be monitored constantly. This is a classic example of problem/reaction situations.


Popular culture has become increasingly dumbed down, vapid and shallow, like the Kardashian reality shows, so that we will be distracted from the issues that really matter in politics, economics, etc. If we do not focus on the material I have written about above, then we will be more easily led by the power elite.






Friday, September 7, 2012


Summary of


Why was President John F. Kennedy assassinated? According to this website, it is because he signed Executive Order 11110, the substance of which is that the Federal Reserve would soon no longer be able to lend money at interest. In other words, the central banks who own the Federal Reserve would stand to lose millions upon millions of dollars. The article centres around the question: How much does President Obama know about the New World Order, this conglomerate of evildoers whose only god is money?


On the American dollar bill, there is a Masonic symbol of the Pyramid of Power. Interestingly, almost all of the Founding Fathers, according to this article, were members of the Freemasonry. At the top of the pyramid of power sit the central bankers and other Illuminati who control the economic system of the United States, as well as other countries. People lower in the hierarchy of the pyramid are known as workers. The article asks the question of whether or not President Obama, as a worker, lower down in the pyramid, is not privy to all of the information accessed by the power brokers at the top of the pyramid. Barack Obama’s succeeding to the United States Presidency was appealing to the New World Order because of his mutli-racial, and multi-cultural heritage. The fact that his father was a non-practicing Muslim and he was educated in Indonesia, the largest Muslim populated country in the world, makes people wonder on which side Obama will settle when he makes his decisions. Middle Eastern Muslims also wonder, and the confusion that this creates helps divide and conquer Muslims, which represents a favourable state of affairs for the New World Order. The fact that there is so much oil in the Middle East region helps to explain why the Illuminati is so interested in that part of the world. Also, although the article does not mention this, the fact that practicers of Islam do not believe in the charging of interest on loans strikes at the very heart of how the Illuminati, through the Federal Reserve, have made billions of dollars over the last century.


Albert Pike, a leading member of the Illuminati, wrote about a plan to create a New World Order by the occurrence of 3 world wars. The goal of the first world war was to gain control over Russia and the czars. The goal of the second world war was to create a state of Israel in Palestine. The goal of the third world war is to disillusion the masses with Christianity, to ready the world to worship the devil. This will be accomplished through the mutual destruction of the warring Islamic world and Israel.


Thursday, September 6, 2012


I will be summarizing documentaries that make us think in a new way about politics: You won’t learn this stuff in university! This summary is Money Masters. You can find the full video on YouTube and if you want to buy it (which I encourage!), you can obtain the ordering information at the end of the video.


The Federal Reserve is the United States central bank. It is not for the people; it is privately owned and makes the small group of central bankers who own it rich beyond belief at the expense of the people. The Federal Reserve controls the U.S. Economy; it is not the politicians. So Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are alike in this regard; they have no control.


Over the history of the republic, leaders like Abraham Lincoln have known what the money masters are up to. The Reserve, as the video states, determines what the average person’s house or car payment is going to be. The Founding Fathers knew the dangers of a privately owned central bank. There is no system of checks and balances; there is no accountability, and there is no transparency.


An important economic concept that comes up in this video is fractional reserve banking. This occurs when a bank lends money that it does not have at interest rates ten times the original amount. Every American bank can do this. It would be illegal for a private citizen to do this. Henry I tried to take power away from the money changers by creating a currency that was based on talley sticks. It lasted from 1100 to 1826 AD. However, the creation of the Bank of England in 1694 was a major victory for the money changers.


What caused the Great Depression? What caused the American Revolution? What caused the Russian Revolution? World War I? World War II? The Civil War? The desire for these money changers to maintain the power they enjoyed. Andrew Jackson in, the 1830s, had seen the damage the central bank could impose on America. He said that such a thing was more dangerous than a powerful military enemy.


Abraham Lincoln was a patriot who created greenbacks as the primary American currency. However, the 1994 Regal Act took greenbacks out of circulation. What about the gold standard as currency? This is a bad idea because so much gold is controlled by foreign powers. Silver would be better because it is scarce and that means less control for the central bankers.


The central bankers want a debt-based system because it makes them money. What makes debt? Warfare, and that is why the central bankers are behind so many of the world’s wars. One year after the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve in the United States, World War I broke out. Central bankers profited from financing both sides.


Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s confiscated gold held by the American public, although he would not admit to it. People were threatened with 10-year prison sentences if they kept their gold. They were reimbursed $20.66 per ounce. The central bankers were at it again, trying to control the supply of money so that they could enhance their wealth.


Why can’t America get out from under so much debt? The video states that the answer is that money is created by sale of U.S. bonds. When the Federal Reserve wants to create more money, it creates it out of nothing. They take advantage of the fractional reserve principle. Banks don’t create currency; they do, however, create money by making new loans. And they invest this privately created money to buy U.S. Bonds, which provides the bankers with enormous amounts of interest.


How can the U.S. solve the current economic problem that they have? Under President Obama, the debt has risen to over 16 trillion dollars. A solution is to pay off U.S. bonds with debt free U.S. notes just like Lincoln issued (greenbacks). This would create inflation because of the fractional reserve principle. However, this is Milton Friedman’s solution: As Treasury buys bonds, it can proportionately raise reserve requirements to keep the money supply stable. Once U.S. bonds are replaced by US notes, the problems created by the fractional reserve will disappear. This would take one or two years, but the proportionate raising of reserve requirements would successfully get rid of the problem of inflation/deflation that would normally happen.