Health: My opinion only; consult a professional!

Next time you have the flu, consider a natural remedy. They have them in the health section of your local supermarket. They work very well and they do not have the alcoholic content of many traditional flu medicines. They are also more suitable for diabetics, who always have to be concerned about keeping blood sugar levels low.


One of the things that I feel sorriest for people about this is if they find it hard to sleep. It is becoming a serious problem. If a person cannot sleep, their whole next day is going to be compromised. It is hard to operate full tilt if you are not satisfied with enough sleep. Some good ideas are sleeping naked with a fan blowing gently across your buttocks (seriously!), or taking a fish oil pill part way through the night. Also, if you can get someone to massage you before you go to bed, that also works. And perhaps the most important health advice I can give on this matter is, if you find you are having trouble falling asleep, tell yourself you are not going to stress about it. The stress creates a vicious cycle where you find it even harder to sleep because you are finding it hard to sleep. So be good to yourself and just tell yourself, okay, I’m not going to sleep, but I will just think pleasant thoughts and make myself feel better that way. Whatever you do, don’t fall into the habit of taking sleeping pills!


It is hard to avoid microwaves these days, especially if you are away from home for a lot of the day. If you are at school all day, for example, you might have to reheat your food and there is rarely a convection oven around to reheat your food (which is a lot healthier than a microwave). But we should try as hard as we can to use a microwave as little as possible because of the radiation. Radiation causes cancer. Microwaves are just as dangerous as smoking, in my opinion. 


Although it does not taste as good as chocolate, a person should try to incorporate as much leafy green vegetables each day. The health benefits of even a little of this food are immeasurable. Even if you cover it with salad dressing it still does you a world of good. Try incorporating a leafy green vegetable in your diet and you will be amazed at how much better you feel, very quickly. It can help prevent cancer, overcome the damage done by smoking, etc!


Are you taking antibiotics because you have a viral infection? Antibiotics can do a lot of good, but you should also know that it not only kills the bad bacteria in our body, but also the good bacteria. One way to overcome this problem is to take Acidopholous. Keep it cold in the fridge, and take it everyday because it puts the good bacteria in your body. 


One handy trick when you are taking antibiotics is to also take Acidopholus. Why is this true? This is because antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria in your body, but also the good bacteria. Acidopholus actually puts the good bacteria back into your body so your health is stronger.


I am a big believer in alternative health and natural remedies. The first tip I would like to share with you based on personal experience has to do with sinus infections. The best thing to do is to give up dairy. I resisted this with all my might many years ago because I absolutely loved dairy milk; however, since giving it up, I no longer have recurrent sinusitis and chronic bronchitis. A helpful natural pill you can take to maintain sinus health is a fish oil pill, Omega 3-6-9. You can find this at almost any drugstore in the health section.