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Amphiist 86: International Politics

Amphiist 86 Edited by Jaclyn Holland-Strauss The newspaper for those who want to look behind the scenes of the news And reachyour full potential November 20, 2019   International Politics In the news often day, there are constant battles between religious sects and between members of different religions. One of the biggest is the Israel/Palestine […]

What do the King Solomon story in the Bible, the fight over the Gaza Strip between Israelis and Palestinians, and the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut all have in common? A fight for ownership rights at the expense of innocent children.

King Solomon was a very wise man. In the King James version of the Bible, specifically in the 3rd book of 1 Kings, a story is told where he was supposed to judge between two mothers of children. Both mothers said the child belonged to them. In his wisdom, Solomon suggested cutting the child in […]