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Don’t blame Jews; blame yourself!

We live in a society where Jews are foolishly blamed for much that is wrong with our contemporary world. The same mean-spirited foolishness is repeated ad nauseum, issues like how they have been kicked out of 109 countries and so there must be something wrong with them. Have you heard of Mark Twain? At first […]

Osama bin Laden, Hitler, and the Illuminati: May 1

May 1 is a very important date in the world of the Illuminati. It owes its very existence to that date in 1776 when Adam Weishaupt formed the secret society in Bavaria. Pictorially, the Illuminati is represented by a point inside a circle. Obviously, there is a great similarity between this visual and the actual […]

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt surprised by Pearl Harbour? Was there a conspiracy?

An article I found when I was looking through articles on the John Birch Society webpage states that the government knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour before it happened. The reason for this, according to http://www.jbs.org/home/pearl-harbor-hawaii-was-surprised-fdr-was-not, is that the government wanted to incite the public so that it would want America to enter […]