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Amphiist 83: Halloween: God and Lucifer

Amphiist: Someone who sees BOTH sides of issues Believes in reaching their full potential And allows others to do the same Amphiist: Civil rights advocate Amphiist: Philosopher, Historian, Psychologist Amphiist: Emotionally intelligent, naturally aristocratic, self-actualized Or at least trying…     Amphiist (83): Halloween, God and Lucifer Editor: Jaclyn Holland-Strauss                 Worldview @ jaclynhollandstrauss.com Facebook: […]

Loneliness and insecurity, Part 2

I wrote an article about a year ago about my loneliness and insecurity. That article, and this one I am about to write, are both very personal and I feel a bit uncomfortable sharing this information about myself but I figure that I probably am not the only person to feel this way, and if […]

My new book cover for He Talks To Me, Too!

This is the book cover for my new book, He Talks To Me, Too.   This is a story that draws upon the literature of bildungsroman, a journey about the character and moral development of a young person. It also is based in sentimental literature, where the heroine is tested, like Job was in the […]