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Amphiist 47: Were the US Founding Fathers Muslim?

An amphiist believes in being a natural aristocrat (Show the manners of royalty in how you behave) An amphiist believes in realizing one’s best self (Self-actualize according to Maslow) An amphiist believes in being emotionally intelligent (Control your emotions/don’t be a puppet) This applies to politics, philosophy, religion, human beings Amphiist (47): Were the US […]

Amphiist 14: Carlyle’s Natural aristocracy, Mayer and Salovey’s emotional intelligence and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Everyone acknowledges good and evil But which is which? Amphiist is a Greek word meaning both sides Let’s explore the world of contemporary life Through the lens of non-judgmental analyses of good and evil *The newsletter for the average non-extremist* Contact info: @JaclynHStrauss on Twitter Jaclyn Holland-Strauss on Facebook Amphiist 14: Carlyle’s Natural Aristocracy, Mayer […]