Amphiist 47: Were the US Founding Fathers Muslim?

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Amphiist (47): Were the US Founding Fathers Muslim?

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February 20, 2018                            Today in the…

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Mainstream Media

The Founding Fathers of America are often given lip service by the mainstream media. They are generally depicted as some of the most famous men the world has ever seen, and worthy of that fame. Present-day politicians pretend to invoke the policies of the creators of America in order to gain and curry favour with the people they wish would vote for them. However, there is a lot more to the Founding Fathers than meet the eye.

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The Other Side

Other people argue that America was definitely founded as a Christian nation. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson all subscribed to the writings of Thomas Paine, who did not even appreciate Christianity, let alone believe in it. Paine and the other revolutionaries rejected any semblance of superstition, which includes, for Christians, the sacred birth of Jesus Christ, whom they believe to be the Son of God. The Founding Fathers, at least the ones mentioned here, believed, like the Muslims do, that Jesus was an exemplary moral philosopher and that his teachings should be followed for the betterment of society. They did not believe that he was the Son of God or had any divinity in him. They believed it was blasphemous to suppose that God had a child with a virgin, one who was engaged to a man.

Thomas Paine wrote a book entitled The Age of Reason, which detailed his problems with the Bible. He did not believe that the people supposed to author the different texts in that set of scriptures, actually did so. He said there is no way they could recount their own deaths, for example.

The Founding Fathers believed in God, a higher power, but they rejected anything that did not appeal to reason, because they were students of the Enlightenment.


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