Common Errors

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10 Common Errors examples


1 Incorrect: Thanks allot.


Correct: Thanks a lot.


2 Incorrect: Hay there, how are you?


Correct: Hey there, how are you?


3 Incorrect: I wish I’m there everyday.


Correct: I wish I were there everyday.


4 Incorrect: Thanks God.


Correct: Thank God.


5 Incorrect: I went to the Teacher Assistance.


Correct: I went to the Teacher Assistant.


6 Incorrect: I will be arriving on the eight of January.


Correct: I will be arriving on the eighth of January.


7 Incorrect: For some reasons I am not doing well in that course.


Correct: For some reason I am not doing well in that course.


8 Incorrect: I think I did good on the test.


Correct: I think I did well on the test.


9 Incorrect: Merry Xmas!


Correct: Merry Christmas!


10 Incorrect: I have too much books for sale.


Correct: I have too many books for sale.

© Jaclyn Holland-Strauss