What’s wrong with modern society

· Philosophy

A great case can be made for why the two world wars that were fought during the 20th century were catastrophes from which we will never recover. Apart from the obvious toll on human life, much societal damage was inflicted as a result of these two epic wars. Especially the Second World War unleased societal forces, the negative consequences of which we are still experiencing. One thing that happened was that in the 1960s was a fundamental disrespect for authority. Nowadays parent cannot spank their children without the children threatening parents with social services. This has its root in the battles that were waged on university campuses in the 1960s. Many students protested the Vietnam War. Many openly defied their professors by being violent and upsetting the status quo. Women burned their bras. Women fought to work outside the home. They fought for the right to have abortions. They fought for separation of Church and state. All of these things have been horrible for Western civilization. A woman’s place is in the home, not because she is inferior to a man, but because each gender was given natural abilities. There are of course exceptions, but most women are better than most men at raising children. Some complain that women’s rights are important. And they are, but not to the exclusion of others’. When too many women work outside the home, their children are left unattended. Children feel as though they are not loved. They get up to mischief. They need both a mother and father in the home, as much as possible. During the wars, women had to join the labour force because the men were away fighting. Otherwise, perhaps this would never have happened. Women’s fight for birth control also meant that they became sexually free. However, the pill does not get rid of the consequences of people having sex outside of marriage.


Perhaps the biggest catastrophe of the wars was that Western civilization became less worshipful of God. It is not popular to say these days that you love God. If God exists, so does evil. And if evil exists, then it makes sense that the head of that evil, Satan, wants people to not believe in God. One strategy for doing this is to make it seem as though everyone who is religious is a fanatic who does not care about other people. The best way to counteract this evil strategy is to be a good example if you are someone who talks about your love of God.


There is a historic battle going on now between those who love God and those who do not. More people are worried about being politically correct than being a lover of God. Until this changes, society is doomed.

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