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Olivia Newton-John is one of the most famous singers from the 1970s and early 1980s. Her career can be split into two eras: pre-Grease and post-Grease. Grease is one of the top grossing musicals of all time. She starred in it with John Travolta in 1978, and it was this movie that transformed her from a country singer to a crossover pop phenomenon.


I love all of her music, but she was most magical when she was singing country music, in my opinion. You will also love her later stuff if you’ve never heard it, though. Her most famous song was Physical, and Grease songs that were famous included Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted to You, and You’re the one that I want. There is no singer more versatile than Olivia Newton-John. She even got into light rock with her first post-Grease album, Totally Hot.


But it is her country music that put her on the map. There are several reasons why we should still listen to Olivia. She has an angelic voice, which is capable of hitting very high notes in an effortless way. She sings beautiful ballads, slow music that elevates the human spirit. It is easier to want to do good if you are listening to beautiful songs sung by a beautiful singer. Olivia could have been a supermodel, she was so gorgeous. This is one thing that helped make Grease so successful. If you want to know about 1950s American culture, Grease tells you all about it. Another reason to listen to Olivia Newton-John is that she is not a belter. We have heard so many belters over the years that public demand for them has lessened to a considerable degree. By belter, I mean someone who yells out their songs in the manner of Barbra Streisand, and her successors Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Don’t get me wrong; I love the belting style, but sometimes it is nice to hear someone sing a song straight up, without the melismas and runs.


If you paste the following songs into YouTube, I guarantee you will be swept away with how beautiful and romantic life can be. Yet another reason to listen to this great singer is her songs carry a great message of optimism, like Have you never been Mellow, and Don’t Stop Believin’.


If you are interested in hearing romantic and beautiful songs, paste these song titles, by Olivia Newton-John, into YouTube, for example;


He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

The Long and Winding Road

Don’t Stop Believin’

Have you never been Mellow

Angel of the Morning

Please Mr. Please


If you could read my mind

Mary Skeffington

And in the Morning

If Love is Real

Sail into Tomorrow

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