America: should it be the world’s policeman?

· Philosophy, Politics

You are going to be free whether you like it or not! This seems to be the United States’ foreign policy in some cases. The intentions might be good, but what is the reality? There are several reasons why America wants there to be as many democracies as possible in the world. Democracies do not go to war with each other traditionally, so global stability is considerably enhanced. However, states have rights. If they do not want to be democratic (and not everyone does, for whatever reason), then who is the United States to force them?


America is often referred to as the world’s policeman. And in everyday life, policemen are to be honoured for all the hard work they do. I remember reading with surprise that before September 11 happened in Manhattan, women were a lot less likely to want to date policemen, firemen, etc. After that tragedy occurred, women started becoming more interested in men who worked at those professions. But traditionally, I think women are scared that their policeman husband will not come home at the end of a day’s shift because of the inherent danger in his job. September 11 proved what heroes policemen, firemen, etc., can be.


However, there have been problems with policemen in the past because in every profession, there are always a few who do not honour that career. Police brutality is one problem. Remember Rodney King? There is actual videotape of police for no reason assaulting Rodney. There was a trial, and the police got away with what they did. Sometimes, we abuse the power that exists from our authority. In the same way, the United States sometimes does things just because it can. It is still a rich enough country that it can fight hard to protect its interests. But that doesn’t mean it is always right. The situation in Libya is a classic case of this. More warships are not the answer. Forcing democracy on countries is not the answer. And continuing to publish movies that are anti-Muslim is not the answer.

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