Should Canadian girls date Middle Eastern guys? (Part 2)

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There are three more reasons why I think Canadian girls should date Middle Eastern guys. One is that they are religious. As I have shown in other blog entries, there are a lot of similarities between Christians and Muslims. I have noticed among my many Mormon (and Muslim) friends that people who have strong religious beliefs tend to stay married. This makes sense, as they realize on a deeper level the importance of the meaning of marriage. The effects of divorce on children are enormous and can never be adequately explained in enough negative detail. Religious people are very family-oriented and we should only date people we can see ourselves marrying, because otherwise dating can be a bit of a waste of time.


A second reason is that Middle Eastern guys tend to be Muslim (although many are Christian) and this means that they are less likely to abuse drugs. About a month ago, I was walking down Inglis Street when I saw a girl coming out of something like an alleyway and she was screaming at the man I assumed to be her boyfriend. She was yelling, “The only time you want to be around me is when you are beating me and drunk.” Both of these people were white. Of course, many white Canadian men would never dream of treating their women in a bad way like this. But I am pointing out that these days, a lot of Canadians drink, do drugs, especially weed, and these can alter your mind so that you do things you would not normally do. That is another advantage of being religious or dating someone religious (or even marrying someone religious). If you have a close relationship with God, you realize and appreciate the beauty of a person’s mind, and you do not want to do anything that jeapordises that mind, like drugs do.


A third reason why I think that Canadian girls should date Middle Eastern (and Muslim specifically) guys is that when we are exposed to other cultures, it can make us think in a critical way about our own culture. Maybe a girl will date a Middle Eastern guy but end up marrying a Canadian. That is okay because maybe she learned from dating what exactly she is looking for in a man. I know up above I said that dating those you would not marry is a waste of time, and I am not contradicting myself here. What I mean is that a person should not date someone they know they are not going to marry but obviously sometimes as you date and get to know someone, you realise over a period of time that they are not the right one for you. Ideally, a girl will find a man who represents the best of Canadian culture (friendliness, open-mindedness, sense of humour) and the best of another culture, like Arabic culture (family oriented, religious, sincere). Dating guys from both cultures can help a girl refine her goals when it comes to the type of man she wishes to marry. 


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  1. B

    All of theses things might be true but there are always exceptiongs to every rule. Being married to a Muslim slowly I have found out things that I didn’t know before simply because the dating process almost didn’t exist. Even if it had these people are very good at letting you see what they think you want to see and I think the reason for that is they are taught to avoid conforntation if at all possible and sometimes that could be simply disagreeing with you. Discussions are very limited.

  2. Middleestern

    AS I am from middle-east. I totally agree with you about your three reasons. We do really respect and admire our families ( Family oriented ). I have never smoked and I’ll never in whole my life, even though I know that no one can force me to do any thing but its how we grew up. One more else I want to add here, I have noticed that the term of ” one night standing “, well, I consider it as a rape if the girl was so drunk. I’ve met so many drunk girls when they were all drunk; All I can tell you is that guys were looking at them as a prey and one time I was about to have a fight with two guys because they were about to take a girl into their car, and when I asked that girl if she knows them; she told me that she doesn’t know them

    Anyway, Canada is really a nice country, and Canadian people are really so friendly, based on my first 3 months,.

    Talking about avoiding confrontation, I don’t think we avoid confrontation, and one of the reason that brought us here to Canada is to be more open up. But when it comes to a silly argument and every one tries to show he is the right one, I would definitely avoid this kind of argument because its a lose-lose situation.


  3. Nigga

    Well good luck with their families and traditional values!

  4. middle eastern guy!

    I found it very interesting that what makes our middle eastern culture so different from Canadian culture to be the motive (according to your blog) of why Canadian girls should date middle eastern guys, as a middle eastern living in Canada I can relate to what you are saying, middle eastern guys are way more stable than Canadians in general, however the “dating thing” I don’t see it happening simply ’cause we do prefer a middle eastern girl, this is just my opinion but I would rather marry a girl who has the same values as I’m.

    Peace! and good luck with the blog!

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