Amphiist 45: Alex Jones’s take on the Parkland school shooting

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Amphiist (45)

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Alex Jones and the Parkland school shooting


Alex Jones on InfoWars on his show said that there was a teenaged in the hallway of Marjorie Douglas High School, who said she thought that Nikolas Cruz would be the shooter (speaking directly to him). Jones says that Cruz replied that no, it wasn’t him. He looked dumbfounded. Jones say it is not for sure whether or not Cruz was actually involved. None of this has been circulated on the news for some reason.

Also, according to a reliable Houston reporter, there is credible evidence that there were two shooters (a common theme when these mass shootings occur).  It is unclear whether Cruz was armed when his schoolmate was speaking to him in the hallway. I saw her interview and she was smiling, which some might say lessens her credibility. On the other hand, it might just have been nervousness.

It is also possible that the woman interviewed was lying and wanted attention, but I am not charging that. I am just recognizing the possibility. Also, it is possible that someone else coached her to say what she said.

Apparently, there was a drill a couple of months ago at the same school, and it has been alleged that the CIA was involved, or a Secret Service squad team. Personally, I think that it is very dangerous to criticize governmental institutions in this way. People with mental health issues can get crazy ideas about stopping the FBI or CIA because they hear wild theories about their involvement in these tragedies.

Just as there may have been multiple shooters in Las Vegas, the same thing might have happened in Parkland, Florida.

Jones tends to say something, then puts the idea in people’s heads, and then covers himself by saying he isn’t saying what he has just basically said. Here, he said that he is not saying there were necessarily multiple shooters, or a drill involving the Secret Service, etc.

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