Do you believe in the devil?

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The Chinese believe in two concepts called yin and yang. They are opposing forces, and they believe that both are necessary for a person to be their healthiest. Christians believe in both the existence of good and evil. We believe that Jesus and Satan were brothers. Each son gave God the Father a plan for the salvation of humankind. Jesus’s plan, among other elements, was to allow humans to make our own choices. If we are good, then we go to Heaven. If we are bad, then we go to Hell. There is more to it than that, but that is the basic idea upon which the foundations of Christianity rest. With Jesus, we have freedom of choice. Satan’s plan, on the other hand, stated that we should be forced to do good. God the Father rejected Satan’s plan. Satan became furious, and said that since his plan was rejected, then he was going to fight against Jesus and God for eternity.


I think this is why the United States is such a grand country. It is founded on the noble principle of freedom of choice. People enjoy freedom of religion (although in the States, people’s Christian rights are beginning to be infringed upon to an alarming degree), because without choice, there is no personal growth. Without personal growth, how can we ever truly ascend to Heaven?


Without evil, how can there be good? In this way, you can think of Satan’s part of the plan as being necessary. Without the possibility of making the wrong choice, we would never receive credit for making the right one. But does this mean that it is unfair to blame Satan for being evil? If his part of the plan is necessary for human beings to be tested, does that mean he is not going to be punished for eternity? The Chinese believe that both yin and yang are necessary for human health to be at its highest potential. Do you believe in the devil, and if so, what do you think his eternal fate is going to be? 


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  1. S.C.

    If God the Father was all powerful, why doesn’t he destroy Satan? It will make life a whole lot easier for all of us.

    • admin

      I think it is because Satan is a necessary part of the plan. That’s why I asked if it is fair that Satan be punished for eternity. I think he should be, but it’s thought provoking to be sure!

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