American media on Bashar alSaad: Watchdog or parrot?

· Politics

The American media is supposed to keep an eye out on the politicians, and report on what the politicians do wrong in order to keep them honest. However, the media in that country has become little more than a parrot instead of a watchdog, parroting the words of those who exercise the most power. Take the case of Syria, and Bashar alSaad. There is no doubt that he has done horrible things. But why does the media make up lies in addition to reporting the truth about this man? For example, many Syrians say that he is not responsible for many of the killings that have been ascribed to him, that the media lie about this because of political alliances. In other words, the American media does not want to see a strong Syria; they want a Syria wrecked and weakened by civil war because then the overall Shi’ite influence will accordingly be lessened.


So don’t trust everything you read in the papers! 

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