Is this woman a crisis actor for the Boston Marathon as part of a false flag operation?

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In this article, rather than do what I usually do, which is summarize someone else’s article on the subject at hand, I am going to explain some of the concepts associated with crisis actors and false flags for those who don’t know them. I plan to write quite a few blogs in the near future on this topic because I think a lot of people find it interesting. A crisis actor is someone who is paid to participate in a crisis, as either a victim or witness to lend credibility to the tragedy and make it seem as though it really happened. A false flag operation is when the government initiates a crisis, perhaps by encouraging someone to plant a bomb, for example, so that it gives lawmakers more power to curtail the liberties of the people (controlling guns to leave the population comparatively defenceless).




The Sandy Hook tragedy had a crisis actor, according to conspiracy theorists. He is Robbie Parker. Many believe he was paid to act as a victim because of an interview that can be found all over the internet where he asks before he starts his press conference if he is doing ok. He is talking to someone behind the camera. It seems disingenuous to many that he would be laughing and smiling, asking technical questions about his ‘performance,’ and then breaking down once the cameras start to roll.




The article I have linked to above shows the picture of a woman who was interviewed on two totally separate issues, but both in Boston. Conspiracy theorists think that it’s the same woman.




I do not really believe in the existence of these crisis actors, because wouldn’t that be an obvious mistake to make? Let’s say the FBI was behind the Boston Marathon bombing, for the sake of argument. Are they really going to allow the same person to be interviewed twice for two different tragedies? It does not seem that efficient to me, and in order for the FBI to function effectively, at the very least it must be efficient. I’m sure the government can afford different crisis actors for each tragedy. It seems like the kind of mistake an amateur would make, and again let’s say the FBI performs false flag operations; I don’t think they do it amateurishly!




Also, wouldn’t the FBI or some other organization that hired the actors have to worry about someone announcing (for money, possibily) that they were indeed hired as crisis actors?




Another problem I have is human nature. I can easily believe that someone pretends to be a witness to a tragedy. People have always wanted to get their names in the papers for a day. Now that is heightened even more with the obsession many people have of becoming famous. They want to be famous for being famous because they have no talent. I’m not saying any specific person is a crisis actor or that they pretend to be victims or witnesses to a tragedy, but in general I can believe that explanation for why there would be someone talking about two different tragedies, before I could believe that the FBI is paying people to do exactly that. I don’t see the advantage for the FBI. Sure, they would save some money, but at what cost? People would immediately latch on to this (and they certainly do) and it gives more ammunition (pardon the pun) for conspiracy theorists. What do you think? 




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