Sheherazad Jaafari and Kim Kardashian: Glamorous figures of controversy

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Sheherazad Jaafari was a press aide to Bashar AlAssad. She is currently attending Columbia University, an Ivy League university in the United States. She reminds some of Kim Kardashian. Remember, Kim Kardashian is Armenian. Jaafari is Syrian. Both have dark features, long dark hair, and are extremely beautiful. Both are adept at public relations, although both have also received criticism and their images have suffered as a result.


Kim Kardashian was married for only 72 days to NBA player Kris Humphries. She received a reported $14,000,000 or even more as a result of the broadcast of her wedding on E! Network in 2011. Many people felt betrayed at the short duration of the marriage, because they believe the whole affair had been a trick to make money, a kind of hoax, a publicity stunt. It has done a lot of damage to Kim Kardashian’s reputation, because while people felt she was superficial before, now there is a real sense of anger at her for the marriage debacle. Sheherazad Jaafari has also had her share of problems in the public eye recently. She has been criticized for her part in getting Barbara Walters, the famous ABC News journalist, to assist her in getting accepted at Columbia University to their School of Journalism. The school denies that Walters’ invention had anything to do with Jaafari’s acceptance; however, that remains the popular perception. The two women met as a result of Walters’ interview with Basher AlAssad, head of Syria.


There is one main difference, however, between the two women. Jaafari is controversial because of her politics, while Kardashian is controversial merely for being famous for being famous. Jaafari has defended Basher AlAssad many times and said that his people love him. She has downplayed his role in the killings that have gone for a long time in Syria. She has spoken of her love for, and loyalty, to him. However, most people in the West, where of course Columbia University is located, believe that AlAssad is a brutal dictator and tyrant, responsible for the loss of life of many civilians in Syria. Kardashian is controversial, also, but not for deep, political reasons. People question why she is famous. All she did, they argue, is release a sex tape, be a dubious model, have a reality show, and pose for pretty pictures.


To be sure, regardless of how someone feels about either one of these two women, they will both stay in the news for some time to come. The news media is always willing to write about beautiful, glamorous and controversial women. 

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