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Is Pope Lucifer Francis part of the Illuminati?

The Pope, it has been charged by http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/pope-francis-gives-illuminati-hand-signs-to-start-historic-address-before-congress/, is part of the international organization of the Illuminati. Part of this is because of the child sex abuse scandals that have plagued the Catholic church for many years. There’s nothing worse than sexually and/or violently abusing a child. It’s possible that people who inflict such harm […]

Bacha bazi and cultural relativism

There is a very real danger in insisting that Muslims assimilate into the American culture. I have always thought assimilation is best, when foreigners want to live permanently in Western culture, and I am still not oppposed to the practice.   However, we have to consider all perspectives when we analyze this issue. I have […]