The battle for humanity in Syria

· Philosophy

Sometimes it is hard to remember what is going on in other parts of the world when we are in calm, beautiful Nova Scotia. That is why sites like YouTube are so helpful because they remind us of the atrocities that are occurring in countries like Syria as people there fight to live a life that is uninterrupted by pain and suffering. This documentary opens with a statement that things are so bad in that country that if a freedom fighter takes food and medicine to victims, they are shot at. That is the reality of Syria at this time.


There is a prophecy in the Quran about the end of times, and wars will be fought in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. When a believer asked the Prophet which army he should join; the Prophet answered, join the army of Syria.


The revolutions of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen are a preparation for what is going on in Syria. Syria’s very existence is at stake. Once victory occurs in Syria, the balance of powers will change and regimes that are evil will be destroyed. The martyrs of Syria say no to Iran and Hezbollah, because the Syrians want a leader who will implement Sharia law and honour the Quran and the Prophet.


The main point of this article is to show that in Nova Scotia, and in Canada, we are very lucky. Some are poor. Some are frustrated with the economy. Many wish for a better life. But we have the basic necessities. When we walk down the road, our biggest concern is potholes, not bullet holes. If you’re Canadian and reading this, and you hear someone talking Arabic with their friends, say “Salam,” to them and wish them peace. Give them a friendly smile. Their fight for rights is far removed us geographically, but any battle for humanity obviously affects us all.



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