The Illuminati are not devil worshippers

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The Illuminati do not worship the devil, because they do not believe in the devil. They do not believe in God, either. They believe in humanity, or in the potential of human beings to be their best selves. They would say that they do not believe in feeling fear because that allows what we fear to control us. What we fear controls us, and what we control fears us. The latter isn’t any better than the former, although it sounds better. But we shouldn’t want to control anyone else, and we shouldn’t want to be controlled by anything or anyone ourselves.


Experience is the mother of belief. What we experience will inform what we believe. Whenever someone tells us something, we evaluate it based on what we have experienced in the past, which is the only intelligent thing to do. If we have tried hard to be good, and seen beneficial results of that, then we are going to believe in God. If we have tried our outmost to be good, but not have seen results, then we are less likely to believe in God. The veil is always there. None of us knows for sure what the next life will bring, but we can make this life as enjoyable as possible.


Do you ever wonder if most people are stupid? I do. I’m convinced that 80 to 90 percent of the world’s population is extremely dumb. I don’t judge them, because it is the way they were born, just like someone who is gay. So most people can’t reach their full potential, or if they do, their potential wasn’t that great to start with. But for the chosen few who are thinking long term, they are able to harness their power, to overcome fear and the control of others.



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