What can Canadians teach people?

· Philosophy

Every country has something wonderful about it. What is so special about Canada, and Canadians? Well, there are several things. Of course, not every Canadian is the same. But there are certain traits that have become associated with Canadians over the years and from my personal experience I would say that each of these characteristics are evident in a lot of us. What are Canadians famous for? We are very independent from our parents. We tend to move out when we either go to university or get a job at around the age of 18. After that stage, we take care of ourselves financially and do not make our parents make our decisions for us. We are very open-minded. We like to accept people for who they are, especially once we get to know them. And one of the best things about us is that we are generous with money. We like to treat our friends. We are very friendly, and people are more important to us than money. We say hi to strangers, especially in the Eastern part of the country. Of course, all of these points have their downsides as well, but this column is about the positive aspects of Canadians. All said, Canadians are a pretty cool people!

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