Middle Eastern girls and Canadian guys

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I don’t know as many Middle Eastern girls as I do Middle Eastern guys, but I am familiar with the culture. There are a lot of additional questions that can be asked if we wonder whether or not Middle Eastern girls should date Canadian guys. For one thing, because of the differences in culture between the two regions, most Middle Eastern guys would not want their sisters, daughters, etc., to date Canadian guys. A faithful Muslim does not drink, go to clubs on the weekends, swear, etc. While many Christians believe equally that those activities are harmful, there is not the same condemnation of them that exists in the Muslim world. In probably all cultures, men are more protective of women than the other way around. A lot of Muslim women (I am assuming for the sake of simplicity that Middle Eastern=Muslim, but of course there are Christians in Lebanon and Syria, etc.) might disapprove of their son dating a Canadian girl, especially since dating is not approved of in general in that culture.


I know from my students here that if a Muslim brother and sister are attending university here, the sister is not encouraged to be alone with her brother’s male friends. There is not the same disapproval of a guy being alone with females, at least to the same degree. So the question of dating among Middle Easterners and Canadians becomes more complex because of how people see gender roles in both cultures. I guess the question of a Middle Eastern girl dating a Canadian guy would come up less than the other situation because she probably meets them a lot less than a Middle Eastern guy meets a Canadian girl. I think it’s an interesting topic to think about.

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