Amphiist 50: Don’t glamourize white racists…turn them into slaves?!?

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There are many sides fighting to influence our world view

We need to listen to all of them (free speech)

Including what the mainstream media refuses to cover

The rest of us are entitled to our perspectives:

Shia Muslims, men’s rights, socialists, etc.

Amphiist is a Greek word meaning looking at both sides

Amphiist (50)

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February 28, 2018                             Today in the…

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Mainstream Media

The mainstream media tends to go too far when it criticizes white people. Recent articles in very popular outlets have had such subjects as why white people are always wrong, why white people are toxic, etc. They say that because of the white supremacy which has existed in the past (and, of course, exists contemporarily), that white people should give reparations, constantly apologize, etc. White men have a lot to answer for, and they should basically feel white guilt for all that has occurred in the past, especially in the US. White women are encouraged to cheat on their white husbands in order to dilute the white race, which will lessen its evil, white men are encouraged to allow their women to sleep with other men, etc. (Turn over page for other perspective)


The Other Side

This Amphiist newsletter edition has a very important point to make. In fact, it is one of the overriding reasons for the existence of this newsletter in the first place.

The point of this special 50Th issue of the Amphiist is that when the media goes too extreme in criticizing a group of people, they make martyrs of them and add to their appeal, especially to youth. Some people understandably might not like the defense the Amphiist gives of controversial figures, such as those associated with the altright, but my point is this: Be friendly with these people. Allow their evil to be heard. That way their glamour will be arrested, and they will be handcuffed to silence.

There is not punishment too harsh for white racists, who represent the dregs of society. When it comes to white racists, let’s be creative in imagining their punishments. To the people who say African-Americans have lower IQs, who say Chicago is a mess because of black on black crime, without acknowledging exploitation of white racists, let’s bring black slavery for them and turn white racists into brown/black men’s bootlickers. Let them see what it really feels like to be oppressed. The only time a white racist’s mouth should be open is when a brown/black guy needs his boots licked is what the media might say.

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